Composite Bearings

Composite bearing are used to sustain separation or control friction between two moving parts. In this case, the bearing is made from a variety of materials including resin which is reinforced with fibre and friction reducing lubricants meaning it can be lighter than a traditional rolling element bearing. Types of composite bearings include sleeve bearings, neck bearings, roll neck bearings, flat back bearings, self-lubrication bearings, shaft bearings, thrust collar bearings, rolling mill bearings, low friction bearings, slipper bearings, spindle carrier bearings, top roll rider bearings, main shaft bearings and marine shaft bearings. Composite bearings are used in a wide range of industries, in a wide range of parts including automotive in steering yokes, belt tensioners, door hingers, and seat mechanisms. They are also used in bikes in forks, shock absorbers, headsets, pedal and brake pivots, and derailleurs.

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