Journal Bearings

A journal bearing features a shaft, or journal, that rotates freely in a metal shell or sleeve. Journal bearings are also known as plain bearings and feature no rolling elements within them. Journal bearings have plain or straight configurations. With the addition of a flange, a combination of both radial loads and axial loads can be supported. Water resistant and high temperature versions are available to cater for different uses and needs. Dry journal bearings feature a shaft rotating in a dry, unlubricated, shell. This type of journal bearing is suitable for low-speed and low-load applications. Semi-lubricated journal bearings are also limited to low loads, but can handle low to medium speeds and temperatures up to 100°C. Pins and bushings are other forms of journal bearings. Journal bearings can be found in a vast range of different applications – domestic and industrial. From outdoor construction to automotive industries.

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