Oil-Less Bearings

Oil-less bearings come with properties designed to be able to withstand high and low temperatures. Oil-less bearings are also able to cope with foreign particles, are suitable for corrosive environments and can handle high impact loads. Oil-less bearings can be constructed from metal and non-metal materials, including ceramics and plastics. Oil-less bearings, which use solid lubrication (also known as dry lubrication), have several advantages over liquid lubricated bearings. As well as being able to cope with extreme temperatures and corrosive environments, oil-less bearings are excellent for high load conditions. Oil-less bearings are suitable for a variety of industrial uses, as they are designed for linear motion and angular pitching motion as well as high impact loads. Oil-less bearings are best suited to low speed conditions as higher speed conditions can cause seizures and shorten the life cycle of the bearing.

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