Thrust Bearings

A thrust bearing is a rotary bearing that enables rotation to occur between parts. Thrust bearings are primarily designed to be able to support axial loads where cylindrical, conical or spherical rollers are used. Thrust bearings come in different varieties. Ball thrust bearings are a type of thrust bearing that feature ball bearings supported in a ring, ideal for when the radial load is small and for low thrust applications. Cylindrical thrust roller bearings have rollers that are flat and pointing to the bearing axis. They have a strong carrying capacity. Tapered roller thrust bearings are the type most commonly found in applications in the automotive industry. Thrust bearings have a variety of uses and are frequently used in gear sets on motor vehicles. They are also commonly used in pairs to support car wheels. Here they work to handle both radial loads and axial thrust in either direction. Other applications for thrust bearings include radio antennae.