Belts, Chains, Sprockets, Pulleys

Belts, chains, sprockets and pulleys all are crucial components that have important parts to play to ensure the smooth running of a vast range of applications in domestic and industrial settings. Belts and pulleys work together to transmit power or linear motion. Sprockets are the toothed wheels that drive the power in chain drive systems. The two main types of timing belts are power transmission timing belts and linear motion timing belts. Timing belt pulleys or Vee belt pulleys are used to ensure the longevity of the machine belt as well as achieving optimum performance. Roller chains, or bush roller chains, are chain drives, either lube free or transmission, that are driven by sprockets – toothed wheels that come in either chain sprocket or plate wheel versions. Belts and chains are the cornerstone of a vast number of machinery applications. The conventional chain drive system can be found on bicycles and conveyor belts. Similarly the belt/pulley system is a staple of a wide number of applications across many industries – for light and heavy use.

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  1. Link Chains
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    Link chains are chains made by a series of metal links which are used in a wide range of industries to lift, pull, secure and transfer power. Common types of link chains include bicycle locks, bush roller chain, hoisting chains, roller chains, and block chains.

  2. Pulleys
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    Pulleys enable speed, power and torque to be transmitted across axles in machines. This makes them extremely useful in a vast range of applications. Pulleys extend the life of a machine belt and are available in a variety of materials and in both pilot and taper bore variants. Timing belt pulleys and Vee belt pulleys are the main types to be found.

  3. Roller Chains
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    Roller chains are a simple and efficient chain drive used to create efficient mechanical power transmission in an extensive range of machinery. Certain types of roller chains can be used in extreme conditions and temperatures. Cylindrical rollers are held in place by side links and a driven by a sprocket

  4. Sprockets
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    Sprockets are essentially toothed wheels that mesh with a chain or track in a chain drive mechanism. Sprockets drive the chain drive’s mechanical power. Sprockets can be found in an extensive range of types and styles, from a basic chain of a bicycle to heavy machinery applications.

  5. Timing Belts
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    Timing belts run on belt drives to transmit power motion on various types of machines. A timing belt drive system utilises pulleys. Linear motion timing belts use a moving carriage but with a static base. Timing belts are available in a variety of styles and materials for a vast range of industrial applications.

  6. Other
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