The traditional set screw collar, although useful in many contexts, also presented problems in the early days of manufacturing with protruding screws sometimes being a safety hazard - clamps and clamp collars offered the solution. With clamps, screws do not protrude. Instead they compress the collar and lock safely into place. Clamps are useful as no shaft damage is caused. Furthermore, a force is distributed on the shaft evenly and uniformly. Clamps feature in both one-piece collar clamps and two-piece versions. Two-piece clamp collars are beneficial as they can be assembled (and disassembled) without the need to remove other shaft components. The clamping force of two-piece designs is also greater as the force is transferred directly as the shaft is clamped. Clamps can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are better at handling constant loads rather than shock loads, but undercuts can be made on the shaft to increase resistance to shock loads. Two-screw clamps can be used on applications where force is required on two sides. By using four or more screw clamps, force can be enabled on different sides, as well as on two dimensions.

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  1. Collar Clamps
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    Collar clamps are used to provide even and uniform distribution of force on machinery shafts. By clamping and compressing, collar clamps also prevent shaft damage. Collar clamps are available in various styles and designs, the most common being one-piece and two-piece collar clamps. Both are reliable and easily adjustable, but two-piece designs offer the most convenience and versatility.

  2. Set Screw Clamps
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    Set screw clamps were one of the earliest forms of shaft collar clamps and they are still widely used today. Set screw clamps allow force to be distributed uniformly on a machine shaft. Forged set screws are used to increase torque capacity and holding power and best performance is achieved when the material of the shaft is softer than that of the set screw.

  3. Shaft Clamps
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    Shaft clamps, or shaft collars, are used to ensure an even distribution of force on machinery shafts. A great variety of types, styles and specifications are available to ensure great versatility for use in an extensive range of applications across several industries. Quick-clamping shaft clamps are easily and precisely adjustable by hand. Thin line shaft clamps are ideal for applications with space or weight restrictions.

  4. Split Clamps
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    Split clamps provide holding power and distribute force evenly over machinery shafts. One-piece split clamps are used where there is no access to shaft ends available. Two-piece and three-piece split clamps provide a greater amount of holding power when compared with one-piece designs. They can also be completely disassembled and offer a greater amount of versatility overall.

  5. Threaded Clamps
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    Threaded clamps, also known as threaded shaft collars, offer the same qualities of smooth bore designs, but offer considerable advantages and additional benefits. As well as increased axial holding power, threaded clamps are easy to install and are easily adjustable. A diverse range of sizes and specifications are on offer, ensuring the suitability of threaded clamps in a wide number of machinery applications.

  6. Other
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