Set Screw Clamps

Set screw clamps, also known as set screw shaft collars, allow force to be distributed evenly on a shaft. There are many different types of shaft collars, and set screw clamps are among the most commonly used of these. Set screw clamps are most effective and offer the best performance when the material of the shaft is softer than the material used for the set screw itself. Over time, set screws will cause damage to the shaft due to material flaring up. This can make set screw clamps harder to adjust and disassemble. To counteract the issues created with shaft damage caused by set screw clamps, it is common to see a process known as undercutting – this is where small flats are machined onto the shaft at the locations where the set screws are positioned. This alleviates the potential problem and reduces the likelihood of shaft damage occurring. Forged set screws are often used to improve holding power. Set screw clamps are suitable for a wide number of machinery applications. Although care needs to be taken to address the problems that can be caused with shaft damage, undercutting can be a useful preventable measure. Forged set screw clamps not only improve holding power, it also increases torque capacity.

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