Shaft Clamps

Shaft clamps enable force distribution to be uniform and even on a machine shaft. They also ensure that holding power is maintained. Shaft clamps, also known as shaft collars, come in a variety of different styles and designs to make them suitable for a wide number of different uses. Quick-clamping shaft clamps are ideal for applications that require frequent adjustment or changes to set-up. A shaft clamp handle is positioned flush to the outer diameter, enabling precise adjustment to be made by hand and without the need for tools. The most common material used is aluminium. Thin line shaft clamps can be used as clamps, or as positioners or spacers, in a profile that is smaller than conventional shaft clamps. Quick-clamping shaft clamps are suited for light duty applications and those with low-rpm. Thin line shaft clamps are incredibly versatile and are commonly seen in encoders, as well as packaging, medical and food industries – and any applications that have restrictions in terms of either space or weight.

  • Cross and Morse