Clutches are mechanical devices that are used to disengage and engage power transmission from the driving shaft right to the driven shaft. Essentially, clutches connect and disconnect two rotating drive or line shafts. Common types of clutches include inter-locking parts clutch, friction clutches, push/pull clutches, multiple-plate clutch, cone clutch, centrifugal clutch, torque limiter, vehicle clutch, automobile powertrain clutch, motorcycle clutch, dog clutch, single-revolution clutch, mechanical clutch, automatic clutch, electric clutch and kickback clutch. Clutches are commonly used in a wide range of applications including overrunning, backstop and indexing. They are used in vehicles including automobiles and motorcycles as well as conveyors and printing presses.

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  1. Automatic Clutches
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    Automatic clutches are used in a wide range of applications that allow a vehicle to change gear as it moves, relieving the driver from the need to shift gear manually. They are also commonly used in forklifts and lawn mowers.

  2. Electric Clutches
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    Electric clutches are also known as electromagnetic clutches and they work to operate a clutch system electrically but also rely on mechanical systems in the transmission of torque. They are commonly found in printing machinery, copier machines, conveyor drives and in factory automation.

  3. Mechanical Clutches
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    Mechanical clutches are the simplest form of clutch actuation and usually considered the least expensive. They are powered either mechanically or by hand or by foot. Types of mechanical clutches include lip Clutch/Disengagement Torque Limiter, Overrunning Clutch, Backstop Clutch and Freewheeling Clutch.

  4. Other
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