Absorbathane Couplings

Like all couplings, absorbathane couplings are designed to connect together two pieces of rotating equipment in machinery whilst also allowing for end movement or misalignment. However, absorbathane couplings have a primary additional function that sets them apart from other types of couplings. They are also known as shock absorbing couplings, as they are able to reduce vibrations and absorb shock loads. As well as this, absorbathane couplings electrically insulate shafts in equipment. Absorbathane couplings utilise flexible plastic components connecting the hubs so that shock can be absorbed. They come in a variety of sizes and torque ranges. The degree of misalignment possible also varies depending on the specification of coupling. The most common materials used in the construction of absorbathane couplings are neo-flex neoprene and polyurethane. Because of their shock absorbing qualities and the range of different sizes, torque and misalignment ranges, absorbathane couplings have versatile uses. They are most commonly found in automotive parts.

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