Misalignment Couplings

All couplings can be classed as misalignment couplings to some extent. After all, along with power transmission, the ability of couplings to enable a degree of movement and misalignment is crucial and the core function of all types. However, the capacity and types of misalignment that specific types of couplings allow varies greatly, according to the intended use in applications. The type of coupling that allow for the most misalignment, are known as Oldham couplings. These are classed as misalignment couplings. Misalignment couplings, or Oldham couplings, feature central elements that can handle parallel and angular misalignment that is caused by mounting or tolerance build-up. The range of maximum parallel misalignment ranges from .030” to .200”. Angular misalignment ranges from 1/2°-1 1/4°. Misalignment couplings offer protection for machinery components and also provide electrical isolation. Misalignment couplings also have torque limiting qualities during overload. This makes misalignment couplings ideal for a variety of motion control applications and light industrial uses.

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