Shock Absorbing Couplings

Shock absorbing couplings are required for applications that feature either high acceleration or deceleration, as this can cause shock loads to the system components. If shock loads are not absorbed, excessive vibration is caused. As a result, settling time is increased which means that a machine greatly loses its efficiency and in extreme cases component failure occurs. Shock absorbing couplings greatly reduce the shock and vibration caused preventing the associated problems from occurring. There are various types of shock absorbing couplings. These include neo-flex couplings, absorbathane couplings, spider couplings and jaw couplings. All feature plastic members to dampen vibrations and greatly reduce the impact of shock load on machinery components. Like many other types of flexible couplings, shock absorbing couplings are not designed to accommodate a great degree of parallel or angular misalignment. However, shock absorbing couplings come into their own because of their torque transmission and shock absorption qualities in various applications, particularly those with high speed.

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