Sleeve Couplings

Sleeve couplings are the simplest type of coupling available. Sleeve couplings feature a pipe, the bore of which is finished according to the size of the shaft to meet the required tolerance. Often, a keyway is made in the bore so that torque transmission can occur with the use of the key. The sleeve coupling is held in place by two threaded holes to lock its position. A variation of basic sleeve couplings are known as box couplings. Here the ends of the shaft are coupled and abutted against each other and cased by a sleeve, sometimes referred to as a muff. Gib head keys hold both the shafts and the sleeve in place. Sleeve couplings are simple constructions that are easy to manufacture. Classed as information transmitting couplings, they are excellent for use in applications in a variety of settings that require precision positioning or where constant velocity is necessary. Sleeve couplings provide zero backlash and have high torsional rigidity.

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