Universal Lateral Couplings

Universal lateral couplings are misalignment couplings. They feature sliding central elements that can compensate for both parallel misalignment and angular misalignment. Essentially the design of universal lateral couplings combine the slide mechanism present on Oldham (misalignment) couplings with the pivotal function of a conventional universal joint coupling. Universal lateral couplings come in varying sizes and torque ranges according to the need of particular application uses. Regardless of the specification, all universal lateral couplings utilise a series of integral pins to reduce backlash. At the same time generous misalignment capacity is offered, as well as electrical isolation. Due their versatility, universal lateral couplings are suitable for a variety of general purpose applications. These include steppers, encoders, light duty drives and many more applications that benefit from the ample radial and angular compensation offered by universal lateral couplings.

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