Gearboxes, also known as gear reducers, speed reducers or gearheads, are devices that utilise gears in an enclosed setting or housing (hence the term ‘box’), to create power transmission. Gearboxes can be used to increase torque, transfer energy or reduce speed between devices. Gearboxes are attached to the input drive, usually a motor or shaft, to the output component – also usually a shaft. Configurations for gearboxes include solid shaft, hollow shaft and integral coupling. Various gearing and shaft alignments can be used in gearbox specifications. With such a variety of choice on offer in terms of type and configuration, gearboxes are seen in a wide range of different applications. Gear ratios, input power and output torque can be adapted to meet the needs for use in processing equipment, conveyors and machine tools. Agricultural equipment and any rotary motion power transmission applications that require changes in operation to torque or speed will use gearboxes.

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