Hand Cranks

Hand cranks are mechanisms that feature an arm and a rotating handle. Hand cranks are also known as crank arms, lever cranks and retracting cranks. Typically, hand cranks are used in applications where leverage from a single arm device is either useful, or optimal for operation. Typically, hand cranks have a swing radius range between 50mm to 35mm. Steel and aluminium are popular materials used with hand cranks. However, various plastics and malleable iron are also available. Hand cranks come with either fixed, revolving or retractable grips. Hand cranks are used widely across various industries for operating any machinery that benefits from single arm leverage. As well as different sizes of radius and styles of grip, hand cranks are also available with plain or tapped holes, set screw holes or threaded studs and many other modifications, all making a hand crank a very adaptable device.

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