Hubs are available in a variety of materials, bores and types. Pin hubs and clamp hubs are among the most common. Hubs tend to offer quick and easy installation, with just tightening of the nut required. Hubs can eliminate the need for many machining operations, such as snap ring groove turning or the cutting of keyways. 303 stainless steel and tool steel are commonly used in the manufacture of hubs. Shafts and bearings with smaller diameters can be used with many hubs because of the strength and rigidity that are offered. Hubs are unaffected by torque reversal and vibration. With shaft sizes for hubs typically being 5mm to 16mm and offering great versatility, and the ease and effectiveness of hubs in operation, hubs are seen in various machinery applications in several industries.

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  1. Dial Hubs
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    Dial hubs can be fitted to dials, eliminating the need for keys. Commonly made from 303 stainless steel, dial hubs are available in wide ranging bore diameters and hub mounting lengths. Dial hubs are easy to install, adjust and remove, without causing shaft damage.

  2. Dual Gear Hubs
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    Dual gear hubs are mostly constructed from stainless steel, but other materials are used and dual gear hubs are available in a wide range of configurations and types. Dual gear hubs are useful in many types of application including motor/generator applications and light industrial settings.

  3. Phase Adjustable Hubs
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    Phase adjustable hubs are precision devices that enable adjustment of the phase of a sprocket that has been mounted to a shaft, allowing the user to adjust the phase relationship of a shaft and a drive component. Phase adjustable hubs are useful for timing adjustments and chain elongation adjustment.

  4. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.