Lead Screws and Slides

Lead screws and slides are exceptionally quick and they can achieve their fast moving speeds from low rotational speeds. Lead screws and slides are efficient and very smooth and quiet in operation, producing fast linear travel. Stainless steel and aluminium are the most common materials used for lead screws and slides. High wearing thermoplastic nuts are often added. Various threads are used. Lead screws and slides are suitable for a variety of applications. Due to their cost-efficiency, lead screws also a viable alternative for drive belts in short stroke applications. They can even be used as an alternative for hydraulic cylinders. Lead screws and slide allow low-friction acceleration and are extremely versatile.

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  1. Lead Screw Actuators
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    Lead screw actuators are actuators that create motion in a straight line. They are used in machine tooling and various other types of industrial machinery. Lead screw actuators work with the rotation of the actuators nut, which moves the screw shaft in a line. Types of lead screw actuators include screw jacks, leadscrews, ball screws and roller screws.

  2. Lead Screws Assemblies
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    Lead screw assemblies are used in micro positioning applications and linear slide systems to ensure high lead accuracy and high precision performance. Sizes typically range from 3mm to 75mm and stainless steel and alloy are the most common materials used.

  3. Linear Ball Slides
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    Linear ball slides, also known as linear motion slides and just ball slides or motion slides, are linear guide units that offer exceptional straight line accuracy and precision performance. A wide range of different configurations are available for use in an extensive range of applications, including very high speed applications.

  4. Linear Roller Slides
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    Linear roller slides, also known as roller slides and linear motion slides, are linear guide units with high precision capabilities. Linear roller slides produce straight line accuracy and greatly reduce the friction coefficient in an application. Linear roller slides can bear heavy loads and operate at high speeds.

  5. Other
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