Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies

Magnets are objects which produce an invisible magnetic field which has the properties of attraction of ferromagnetic materials. These materials include iron and repulsion of other magnets at the same pole. An example of a magnet is a Horseshoe Magnet which is in the shape of a horseshoe to bring the poles closer together, creating a stronger magnetic force. When a magnet is incorporated with a non-magnetic material a magnetic assembly is formed. The non-magnetic material of the assembly usually houses the magnetic alloy and features can be incorporated to the material to enable it to be mounted to machinery. It also acts as a buffer, protecting the magnet from mechanical stress and can increase the strength of the magnetic alloy.

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  1. AlNiCo Magnets
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    AlNiCo magnets (which are made from aluminium, nickel and cobalt) are used in consumer applications and industrial fields where a super strong permanent magnet type is needed including magnetron tubes, electric guitar pickups, relays, electric motors, sensors, microphones, loudspeakers, cow magnets and high temperature handling equipment.

  2. Ferrite Magnets
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    Ferrites magnets, both hard and low ferrites, are used in a wide range of applications due to their ferromagnetic and nonconductive properties. They are commonly used in used in loudspeakers, refrigerator magnets, small electric motors, inductors, transformers and various types of microwave components.

  3. Magnetic Assemblies
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    Magnetic assemblies are built with a magnet or electromagnet set into other non-magnetic materials to increase the magnetic force in a certain direction. They are commonly used in the industries of automotive, steel, food, aerospace, aerospace, pumps, communications, security sectors, audio equipment, sensors and engineering.

  4. Neodymium Magnets
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    Neodymium magnets are used in a wide range of tools and applications including motors in cordless tools, magnetic fasteners and hard disk drives. Neodymium magnets are classified by grade according to their maximum energy product, the grades available are N35-N52, N33M-N48M, N30H-N45H, N30SH-N42SH, N30UH-N35UH and N28EH-N35EH.

  5. Samarium Cobalt Magnets
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    Samarium cobalt magnets are rare earth magnets, which are part of the permanent magnet family, and are made of an alloy of cobalt and samarium. They are commonly used in Samarium cobalt magnets are used in a variety of industries and applications, particularly in the fields of military, automotive, marine, and aerospace.

  6. Soft Ferrites
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    Soft ferrites possess a low magnetic coercively and are commonly used in inductors and transformers, and in various microwave components. They also used in telecommunications, power conversion and interference suppression. Common types include Barium ferrite, Strontium ferrite and Cobalt ferrite.

  7. Tape Wound Cores
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    Tape wound cores are created from thin strips of nickel-iron alloys with high permeability and are used in various industries including aerospace, military, communications, nuclear reactors, and down hole drilling. Typical applications for tape wound cores are converter and inverter transformers, magnetic amplifiers, static magnetic devices and current transformers.

  8. Wound Magnetic Products
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    Wound magnetic core products are types of magnetic material with high magnetic permeability which is used both guide and confine magnetic fields. They are commonly used in mutual transformers, power transformers, instrument transformers, sensors and components, that are used in instrument & meters, railway, down hole drilling, nuclear reactors, electrical & electronic, new energy telecommunication, new energy and accompanying industries.

  9. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.