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Mechanical components, such as screws, nuts and pins are essential pieces of hardware required to enable the safe and reliable operation of machines and assemblies in a vast range of applications. Screws essentially have three key elements: head, thread and drive. Variations in type cater for use in various applications. Different types include captive screws, integral seal screws and thumb screws. Nuts are equally diverse, securing components together combined with bolts. Pins and rings prevent nuts from coming loose and ensure that they are retained securely in place on assembly shafts. The vast choice of screws, nuts, pins and retaining rings ensure that all types of mechanical components are kept in place to enable optimum performance. Domestic and industrial applications alike rely on these vital pieces of hardware.

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  1. Captive Screws
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    Captive screws lock securely into position and their key feature is that even after removal of an attached piece, the captive screw stays in position. Captive screws come in various sizes and material types making them a highly versatile screw suitable for a wide number of domestic and industrial applications. Captive screws come in a wide range of head types, mostly with flat bearing surfaces. Some require wrenches for assembly and adjustment.

  2. Fluid Filters
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    Fluid Filters

  3. Integral Seal Screws
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    Integral seal screws, often also referred to as self-sealing screws, are perfect for use in any applications where it is necessary to ensure that fluids or gases do not enter or escape from the application area. Integral seal screws come in various materials designed to offer resistance against different substances, such as water or petrochemicals.

  4. Machine Screws
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    Machine screws are also known as machine bolts. Typically, machine screws fasten with a nut into a tapped hole to secure two objects into position. Some machine screws are available that create self-tapping holes. Machine screws can have pan, countersunk or raised countersunk heads and are used to fasten components in machines, tools and electronics.

  5. Screws
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    Screws are wide-ranging components to fix objects to one another and to secure fastenings. They have a multitude of uses and applications across various industries and in domestic settings too. Various types of screw have specific features designed for specialized use. As well as this, they vary in terms of the size of head, thread and drive.

  6. Shoulder Screws
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    Shoulder screws, also referred to as shoulder or stripper bolts, are similar to conventional machine screws. However, the integral journal (the shoulder) is the key feature which makes shoulder screws suitable for a wide range of applications across many industry types. Bearings, gears, sprockets and pulleys are all able to work with shoulder screws.

  7. Thumb Screws
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    Thumb screws essentially work as bolts or fasteners on a wide range of appliances. They are extremely useful as they do not require any external force to tighten or loosen. This makes thumb screws ideal for use in applications that require regular reinstallation, removal or maintenance.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.