Nuts and Bolts

A nut is essentially a fastening piece of hardware that features a threaded hole. Nuts are usually applied in conjunction with a bolt to secure two or more parts together. In general, friction from the thread and compression work together to keep the two parts fastened together. For applications where the nut might be worked loose due to continued rotation or vibration, locking mechanisms such as lock washers, split pins or jam nuts might be employed. A vast range of nuts are available, from general household hardware versions to specialized designs that are engineered to be industry-specific and suited to particular applications. The most common type for both domestic and industrial use is the hexagonal shaped nut, commonly known as hex nuts. Excellent angle granularity from the six sides make hex nuts easy to use even tight positions. Specialized shapes are also available of nuts for use in inaccessible area, such as captive nuts. Nuts are used in domestic hardware and virtually all types of industry. Technical standards need to be adhered to the met the needs of specific industries. Similarly, many industrial, automotive and engineering applications will need to have nuts fastened to particular torque settings.

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  1. Eye Bolts
    - 8 Suppliers 146 Products

    Eye bolts are a type of bolt type that has a loop at one end which can have a string, cable and rope thread through it, often for the purpose of lifting. They are used in many industries including manufacturing, distribution and storage.

  2. Eye Nuts
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    Eye nuts are great for attaching ropes or cables to anywhere an eye nut can be attached. They are capable of dealing with loads of weight which makes them perfect for dealing with high capacity lifting needs. Lifting eye nuts can be used individually or alongside various types of lifting gear in almost any kind of environment.

  3. Hex Bolts
    - 9 Suppliers 3,361 Products

    Hex bolts have a hexagonal head and threads for use with a tapered hole or nut. They are used in a wide range of applications in bridges, docks, buildings and motorway structures. Common types include stainless steel hex bolts, zinc plated hex bolts and chrome plated hex bolts.

  4. Hex Nuts
    - 7 Suppliers 1,223 Products

    Hex nuts are used in a vast range of applications, both domestic and industrial. They are the most common type of nut. The six-sided shape makes the hex nut easy to fasten in virtually all settings. Various material types are used in specific industries or environments, but carbon steel is the most widely seen.

  5. Hex Screws
    - 6 Suppliers 3,391 Products

    Hex screws are screws with a hexagonal head which can be inserted into assembled parts in bridges, docks, building and motorway structures. Their purpose is the fastening of various materials including steel and wood. Common types of Hex screws are full thread Hex screws, hex head cap screw, cap screws and Hexalobular socket head.

  6. Nylon Insert Nuts
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    A nylon insert nut is a lock nut with a nylon collar insert which locks into a nut into place. They are commonly used by both mechanics and engineers when securing wheels on axles or threaded shafts. Common types of nylon insert nuts include elastic stop nuts, nylon-insert lock nuts and polymer-insert lock nut.

  7. Ring Bolts
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  8. Self Locking Nuts
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    A self-locking nut has a small pre-installed plastic insert or a chemical substance deform elastically to create a locking motion which withstands various torques and vibrations. They are commonly used in heavy-duty applications, such as construction and engineering.

  9. Slotted Nuts
    - 4 Suppliers 25 Products

    Slotted nuts are also commonly called castellated nut, or castle nut. They are used in applications that need a guarantee that vibrations will not undo any fixing, including in automotive assemblies. They are identified by their grooved heads which align with holes in a mated bolt so that they accept the insertion of a cotter pin.

  10. Thumb Nuts
    - 2 Suppliers 40 Products

    Thumb nuts are highly useful because they do not require external force to tighten or loosen. Just like thumb screws, they can be fastened and adjusted by hand. Knurled thumb nuts are common as the surface makes it even easier to handle. Thumb nuts are useful for any application that requires frequent removal or maintenance.

  11. Wing Nuts
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    Wing nuts are used when convenience and speed is favoured over strength, in a wide range of applications including marine, particularly boats. They are available in various types including stainless steel wing nuts, zinc plated wing nuts, and hex head wing nuts.

  12. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.