Pins come in an extensive range of types and sizes, but the principle of their function remains largely the same. Pins are used to fix locate, retain and secure components in place in machinery and assembly. The variety of different types of pins is vast to meet the needs of specific applications and different uses. Clevis pins connect linkages and drives. Cotter pins keeps nuts in place and are also used to retain clevis pins. Dowel pins are parallel pins that also come in many shapes and sizes, including grooved pins. Pins are essential pieces of hardware used in a vast number of applications, machinery and assembly. Specifications of the different types of pin cater for particular needs in specific applications and industries.

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  1. Clevis Pins
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    Clevis pins are especially useful to connect drives and linkages where angular rotation is required. Clevis pins are suitable for both manual and automatic assemblies and simple, sturdy and reliable. Typically, they are drilled but are also available in grooved versions, with or without a head.

  2. Cotter Pins
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    Cotter pins are primarily used to maintain the position of nuts in shafts and to prevent them from unscrewing. Diverse styles of cotter pins are now widely available, meaning that they are used across many applications in many industries. Cotter pins are commonly used in aircraft and military applications.

  3. Dowel Pins
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    Dowel pins are the one of the oldest types of pin. They are a parallel pin that enables the user to locate and secure components in an assembly. They are reusable which makes them extremely useful and versatile. Dowel pins are constructed from various types of steel and are available in several different styles of design.

  4. Grooved Pins
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    Grooved pins are a type of dowel pin. They feature three equally-spaced grooves that are chiselled along the length of the pin, but the length can vary from between 6mm to as much as 80mm, so the uses for grooved pins are particularly flexible. Grooved pins can feature tapered or parallel grooves or a reverse taper. Grooved pins offer exceptional frictional grip.

  5. Locking Pins
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    A locking pin is used when a quick release function is required, particularly in vehicles and products that need to be disassembled quickly for cleaning. Other names for locking pins are quick release pins, single action pins, tab lock pins and clevis pins.

  6. Push Pins
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    A push pin is used to secure items to a wall or board and are used in both domestic and commercial premises. They are commonly known as thumb-tacks, thumbtacks and drawing pins and have the benefit of being easy to remove thanks for their long cylindrical head.

  7. Self Clinching Pins
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    Self-clinching pins are used in applications where ‘push-out’ strength is an important consideration. They also provide flush-head assembly in thin materials, which makes them widely used in varies industries including mechanical, engineering and building. Self-clinching pins are available in a wide variety of materials with different pin diameters and lengths.

  8. Spiral Pins
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    Spiral pins – also known as coiled pins or coiled spring pins - are widely used in a wide range of applications. The automotive and electrical industries employ spiral pins extensively as hinge pins, as well as in axles and pivots. Spiral pins compress and flex even after insertion into a hole. This means that they provide excellent performance.

  9. Spring Pins
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    Spring pins are also sometimes known as tension pins or roll pins. They are self-retaining fasteners. The body diameter of a spring pin will be greater than its hole. However, the pin compresses, allowing it to retain within the hole and to secure two or more components of a machine.

  10. Taper Pins
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    Taper pins are reliable and fast fixings suitable for applications that require a reamed hole. There are two main types of taper pin: plain and extractable. Extractable tapered pins have a tapped or drilled hole which means that they can be extracted from a blind hole.

  11. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.