Grooved Pins

Grooved pins are essentially a type of dowel pin. Grooved pins are incredibly versatile as only a drilled hole of a nominal diameter to that of the pin is actually needed for fitment. A grooved pin increases its diameter locally along particular parts of the length of the pin (dependent on the grooved pin type). This is possible because of the grooving present on the pin, resulting in high performance and excellent frictional grip. There are a diverse range of grooved pins available. Regular types include half and full length with tapered groove, parallel groove and reverse taper. Versions with round and countersunk heads and grooved heads are other options. Grooved pins tend to be constructed from A2 stainless steel or mild steel. Due to their excellent versatility, grooved pins can be used in a large number of applications and across various industries. Three equally-spaced grooves are chiselled circumferentially into a grooved pin, but with the typical lengths of pin ranging from 6mm to 80mm, that gives a great deal of flexibility.