Spring Pins

Spring pins are also known as roll pins or tension pins. Spring pins are a commonly found component that secure two or more parts of a machine, relative to each other. Spring pins are versatile mechanical fasteners. They also work as self-retaining fasteners, as the radial force that the pin exerts within its position serves to retain the spring pin within its hole. Typically, spring pins are manufactured to heavy duty as standard. However, light duty specifications are available. In various sizes, spring pins always work in the same way. The spring action of the pin allows compression to occur, enabling the spring pin to be retained within a hole. Chamfers, on at least one end of the pin, allow the pin to be started into a hole – even though the diameter of the hole is smaller than the pin itself. Spring pins are widely used in domestic and industrial applications. They are commonly used in the automotive and electrical industries, but due to their incredible versatility and high performance, spring pins are used in all sorts of applications, as dowels, spacers, stop pins or hinge pins. Double-shear applications are particularly suited for spring pins.

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