Retaining Rings

Retaining rings are fasteners that serve to secure assemblies or components onto a shaft. When retaining rings are installed in a groove, components can also be held in a housing or bore. Once a retaining ring is installed, the retaining rings acts as a holding shoulder which retains the component. There are a wide number of different retaining rings available. From external and internal retaining rings, to bowed retaining rings (which act like a spring), to circlips or snap rings, that literally snap into position. Common materials used in retaining rings are carbon steel, stainless steel and copper. Retaining rings are incredibly useful in a wide variety of applications. Finishes available offer different levels of corrosive protection, to suit the application and the environment it is in.

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  1. Bowed Retaining Rings
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    Bowed retaining rings are curved versions of standard internal or external retaining rings. Bowed retaining rings are valuable mechanical fasteners that allow for accumulated tolerances in machine parts, compensating for this by acting as a spring to keep assemblies in compression.

  2. External Retaining Rings
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    External retaining rings are load-bearing fasteners that hold mechanical components securely in place in assembly. External retaining rings are placed around a shaft, exerting force inwards. They can be used in various types of assembly and are cost-effective and efficient.

  3. Internal Retaining Rings
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    Internal retaining rings are mechanical fasteners that exert force from inside a groove in housings and cylindrical bores, retaining parts in place in an assembly. Capable of providing continuous radial force and of withstanding high rotational speeds, internal retaining rings can be used in a vast number of applications, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries.

  4. Snap Retaining Rings
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    Snap retaining rings are mechanical fasteners, also widely known as circlips, c-clips or Jesus clips. They can work either external to a shaft, exerting force from the outside, or internally – pushing outside to retain and secure parts of assembly. Snap retaining rings are commonly seen in motors and pistons.

  5. Other
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