Shafts are vital components in a vast range of machinery and equipment. No two applications are exactly the same, and this is reflected in the extensive range of different shafts that are available. Shafts are designed to offer an exceptional degree of straightness. This is vital in applications to prevent wear and vibration. Shafts can be turned, ground, polished and case hardened. Various diameters, lengths and finishes are on offer for use in a wide range of applications. Shafts are used in crankshafts, high-speed motor shafts and a wide range of devices, equipment and instruments across a number of different industries.

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  1. Case Hardened & Ground Shafts
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    Case hardened and ground shafts, sometimes also known as linear motion shafts, are usually constructed from various types of steel. Case hardened and ground shafts can be used in linear guides and a wide range of mechanical engineering applications and are available in many lengths, sizes and diameters.

  2. Ground Shafts
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    Ground shafts are a type of precision shaft, typically constructed from rolled steel that are ground to meet specific tolerances. Ground shafts can be internally and centreless ground, surface ground or journal ground and are used extensively across several industries.

  3. Plastic Rod Stock Shafts
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    Plastic rod stock shafts are available in a variety of different plastics, including acetal and cast nylon. Polycarbonate plastic rod stock shafts boast the strongest thermoplastic available. Plastic rod stock shafts have a wide range of uses, from bearings and seals to gears and wheels.

  4. Ultra Ground Shafts
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    Ultra-ground shafts, also referred to as ultra-precision shafts, are the highest grade of precision ground shafts available. Various modifications, such as drilled holes and journals are available as well as multiple length and diameter sizes. 303 stainless steel is commonly used.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.