Anti-Backlash Torsion Springs

Anti-backlash torsion springs work in a similar way to a conventional torsion spring or double torsion spring. Torsion springs, essentially, are designed to be twisted – unlike extension springs that are extended and compression springs that are designed to be compressed. Anti-backlash torsion springs are applied to gears. When one of the gears is turned, the loaded torsion spring creates anti-backlash torque. Various sizes of anti-backlash torsion springs are available, but the principle of operation remains the same. Once torque is created, the teeth of both gears are aligned and the spring is mated with the opposing gear. This ensures that the gear train does not lose motion even when the direction of rotation is reversed. It is important that the torque transmitted does not exceed the pre-set torque of the anti-backlash torque, but for preventing backlash in gearing systems, anti-backlash torsion springs are highly useful devices.

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