Washers are typically thin, disc-shaped plates that are used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as conventional screws or nuts. Washers usually have a central hole. They can also be used as a spacer between components, a spring or as a wear pad. Washers are also useful as a means of reducing vibration. Typically, the outer diameter of a washer is about twice the size of its inner diameter. There are many different variations of washers, but they can be categorised into three main types. Plain washers distribute a load and prevent damage. They can also be used to provide a degree of electrical insulation. Spring washers prevent loosening of fastenings due to vibration. Locking washers – usually also spring washers - prevent unscrewing rotation. Due to the fact that washers have so many uses and different capabilities, they are a standard component of many types of assembly and are used in applications in a variety of industries. Their ability to distribute a load, offer spring and to provide lock make their potential uses extremely wide.

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  1. Belleville Washers
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    Belleville washers are also known as disc springs, conical spring washers and Belleville springs. Belleville washers are distinctive because of their conical shell design. Having the benefit of being able to load along its axis either statically or dynamically, Belleville washers can be used as single springs or used in stacks.

  2. Curved or Wave Washers
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    Curved washers are similar to Belleville washers. They have just four points of contact and a curve in one direction. They are suitable for light pressure applications. Wave washers feature a wave in the axial direction. They provide spring pressure and are also best used in applications where only light force is needed.

  3. Flanged Washers
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    Flanged washers are designed to mimic the dimension of a form A washer by working as a type of Belleville spring. They are used in applications where bolts are in close proximity to prevent damage during the tightening process including in construction, engineering, automotive, machinery and appliance, and trailer industry.

  4. Flat Washers
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    Flat washers, commonly also referred to as plain washers, distribute a load and prevent damage to the bearing surface. Flat washers are available in a wide range of thickness, diameters and materials, so they have great versatility.

  5. Lock Washers
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    Lock washers, also known as spring lock washers, often feature a split at one end. This helps to create friction and provides resistance to rotation. Lock washers sometimes have external teeth to prevent rotation. The spring force created by the helical shape of spring lock washers reduces vibration greatly.

  6. Swivel Washers
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    Swivel washers are available in many different sizes of screw, diameters and widths. A major benefit, adding to their versatility for use in a large number of precision applications, is the fact that swivel washers are available with male and female threads.

  7. Thrust Washers
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    Thrust washers are used as a bearing surface in rotary applications. As well as supporting axial load, thrust washers also stop movement on a shaft axis. Thrust washers can be used in high-wear applications and those that operate in high temperatures.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.