Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is specially used in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring in medical, clinical, surgical, and rehabilitation applications. Such equipment is commonly known as armamentarium. Another type of common medical equipment is that used in the sterilisation and decontamination process. Typical medical equipment includes diagnostic equipment, treatment equipment, biomedical electrical equipment, dental equipment, life support equipment, medical monitors, medical laboratory equipment, and therapeutic equipment. Such medical equipment includes Doppler’s, anaesthetic machines, height measurers, medical scales, CT scanners, MRI machines, ECG machines, incubators, heart-lung machines, dialysis machines, stethoscopes, and thermometers. Medical equipment and supplies is used by doctors, nurses, surgeons, counsellors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and psychiatrists.

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  1. Audiometer
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    Audiometers form part of the standard equipment at ear, nose, throat clinics and in audiology centres. They work by transmitting recorded sounds in the form of speech or pure tones via headphones or bone vibrators and recording the subject’s response.

  2. Bags and Cases
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    Medical bags and cases are used by GPs, paramedics, nurses, emergency first responders and even the general public when transporting medication. They provide a way to transport essential equipment in the case of emergencies or when medical teams are on call and have to respond in situations with no medical supplies available.

  3. Blood Pressure Monitors
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    Blood pressure monitors are used by those in the medical field to measure blood pressure by determining both starting blood flow and unimpeded. Also known as sphygmomanometers, they are commonly used by those in the medical field to measure blood pressure, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, gynaecologists, midwives and medical students.

  4. Defibrillators and Resuscitation Devices
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    A defibrillator is a type of medical device that is used in the treatment of threatening cardiac dysrhythmias, while resuscitation devices are a type of equipment which helps administrate CPR, an emergency procedure which requires artificial ventilation. Both are commonly used by those in the medical field as well as by those in emergency services.

  5. Dental Equipment
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    Dental equipment is the general term referring to instruments used by dental professionals to provide dental treatment to patients. This includes tools used to examine oral health, manipulate, treat and restore oral structures or remove teeth. These include mirrors, retractors local anesthesia and dental drills.

  6. Dermatoscopes
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    A dermatoscope is a medical instrument used to examine skin during the practice of dermoscopy or dermatoscopy. It can be used to examine lesions, moles, freckles and even diagnose suspected melanoma. The components of a dermatoscope consists of a magnifier (usually x 10), a transparent plate, non-polarised light source, and a liquid medium.

  7. Dopplers
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    A doppler is a handheld ultrasound transducer that is used to hear the heartbeat of a baby in the womb. The detection of foetal heartbeat serves as a large part of prenatal care, whereby the Doppler provides an audible simulation of embryo or foetus’s heartbeat. They are commonly used by nurses, midwives, doctors, and fertility clinics – however, they are also popular for personal home use.

  8. ECG Machines and Accessories
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    An ECG machine is used by medical professionals to record the electrical activity of the heart using electrodes on the skin. Through the electrodes, tiny electrical changes that arise from the heart muscle during each heartbeat are detected in what is considered a common cardiology test.

  9. First Aid Room Equipment
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    First Aid rooms are essential to workplaces that employ a large number of workers, or where there is a higher risk of accidents in the workplace. First Aid Room Equipment includes basic equipment such as furniture including medical couches, chairs, cabinets, trolleys and workstations. Other equipment needed includes Specialist bins for medical waste, sharps boxes, first aid kits, sinks, pillows, blankets, paper and couch rolls.

  10. Height Measures
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    Height measures are used to gauge the height of children and adults for medical purposes. Height measures are commonly known as stadiometers, measuring rods and measuring stations. They are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and in institutes of medical research.

  11. Infusion/Blood Sets and Drivers
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    Infusion / blood sets and drivers are used in the medical field to administrate a steady flow of injected medication or blood under the skin in a continuous flow. The process is also often called a continuous subcutaneous infusion and it offers the benefit of avoiding continuous and repeated injections.

  12. Laryngoscopes
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    A laryngoscope is used during a laryngoscopy to obtain a view of a part of the larynx (the throat). A laryngoscope can be either flexible or rigid and is equipped with a source of magnification and light, which helps in the examination. Laryngoscopes are used by GPs, throat doctors and similar professionals in doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and clincs.

  13. Medical Equipment Refurbishment
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    Medical equipment refurbishment is the process of refurbishing medical equipment for repair or re-sale. Types of equipment which can be refurbished include monitors, defibrillators, electrosurgical equipment, and anaesthesia machines. Any medic who uses medical equipment can use medical equipment refurbishment services as a solution to buying expensive new equipment.

  14. Medical Scales
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    Medical scales are weighing scales that are used in the medical industry to calculate weight or mass. They are used in medical fields in paediatric and adult care and are specially created for the function, with common types including Common types of medical scales include infant and paediatric scales, standard scales, core body analysis scales, column scales, stand on scales, hoist scales, speciality medical scales such as wheelchair scales, mechanical floor scales, in-bed scales, and chair scales.

  15. Nebulisers and Accessories
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    In the medical field, nebulisers and accessories are used to administer medication right to the lungs in the form of mist. They are commonly used to treat respiratory diseases and disorders like asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis, and prescribed by medical practitioners, including doctors, nurses and specialists.

  16. Nursing Equipment
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    Nursing equipment is used to describe supplies and accessories used in the field of nursing to help them better fulfil their role. It is commonly used in in doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals by nursing professionals including midwifes, physiotherapist, occupational therapists and healthcare assistants.

  17. Ophthalmoscopes
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    An ophthalmoscope is an instrument used to perform an ophthalmoscopy, which is a test that allows a professional to see into parts of the eye to determine the health of the optic disc, retina, and vitreous humor. An ophthalmoscope has a light source and a magnifying tool and is categorised into two types, indirect and direct ophthalmoscopes.

  18. Otoscopes
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    An otoscope or auriscope is a medical device which is used to look into the ears by medical professionals. They work by giving an accurate view of the hard to reach ear canal, eardrum and tympanic membrane. Otoscopes are used in in emergency rooms, universities, paediatric offices, and general practice clinics.

  19. Pen Torches
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    Pen torches are used in the medical field by nurses and doctors and many other medical professionals for a wide variety of medical applications. Types of pen torches include disposable pen torches, miniature pen torches, and re-usable pen torch.

  20. Pulse Oximeters
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    Pulse oximeters measure a person’s oxygen saturation (percentage of blood that contains oxygen) non-invasively for clinical purposes. They can help in the diagnosis of various medical conditions including sleep apnoea, hypoxia, and hypertension in both adults and infants and are commonly attached to fingertip, foot or earlobe.

  21. Sphygmomanometers
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    A sphygmomanometer is used to measure blood pressure. It is composed of an inflatable cuff which collapses and releases the artery to measure pressure. They are also commonly known as blood pressure gauges, blood pressure monitors or blood pressure metres.

  22. Spirometer
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    A spirometer is used diagnostics to help identify various lung diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema and can also measure progress in the treatment of known diseases. They are used by doctors, nurses and lung specialists to identify two key ventilation patterns; restrictive and obstructive.

  23. Stethoscopes
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    A stethoscope is a medical advice that works acoustically by allowing for the listening of internal sounds inside the body (in both animals and humans). They are used by medical practitioners and vets to listen to heart and lung sounds but can also be used to listen to the intestines and blood flow in the veins and arteries.

  24. Thermometers
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    Thermometers are used by those in the medical field to gauge body temperature, they are widely used by doctors and nurses. Thermometers are also used domestically in the identification of a fever. In each case, temperature can be determined through a measurement in the ear, rectum, mouth, underarm and even non-invasively from the forehead.

  25. Ultrasound Scanners and Accessories
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    Ultrasounds work by offering diagnostic imaging through ultrasounds and be used to view internal body structures including muscles, joints, organs, vessels, tendons and even to monitor foetus development in the womb. Common applications include to see muscles, joints, organs, vessels, tendons and even to monitor foetus development in the womb (through obstetric ultrasound).

  26. Vital Signs Monitors
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    Vital signs monitors are medical machines used to measure the body’s vital signs. The most common vital signs are heart rate (pulse), blood pressure, body temperature and breathing rate. Common vital sign monitors include stethoscopes, thermometers, blood pressure machines and spirometers.

  27. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.