Medical Furniture

Medical furniture is the category used to describe all the furniture housed in a medical setting, be it a doctors’ surgery, clinic, dental practice or hospital. It includes typical office based furniture for medical staff, as well as specialist furniture that allows for patient treatment, examination or diagnostics. Types of medical furniture include beds, desks, bins, cabinet, leg rests, arm rests, chairs, stools, couches, drip stands, IV stands, medical fridges, shelves, children’s toys, waiting room seating, trolleys, footstools, mayo tables, privacy screens, lamps, and X-ray viewers. Medical furniture is widely used by patients and medical employees.

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  1. Clinic Screens
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    Clinic screens and partitions are used in hospitals and surgeries to provide patients with privacy and confidentiality. Clinic screens can also be used to divide rooms and wards by means of partition. Clinic screens are commonly used in hospitals but are also widely used in other healthcare settings including in disaster relief, education and are also widely used by the military.

  2. Clinic Seating
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    Clinic seating is widely used by medical staff and patients to sit in a medical environment. Commonly used by doctors in surgeries or in waiting/reception rooms clinic seating provides a comfortable solution to standing for patients and medics alike.

  3. Clinic Signage
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    Clinic signage refers to the signs seen around a medical institute. Signage refers to both interior and exterior, directing patients to the right block, department, ward, waiting room, department, reception desk and doctor. It is common seen in clinics, health centres, surgeries, dental practices and hospitals.

  4. Dental Operator Seating
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    Choosing the right Dental Operator seating is essential to ensuring operator comfort during patient examinations and procedures. Seats are available in a variety of styles including traditional, declined and active seating and are designed to be hard wearing. A range of fabrics and colours are available and most are height adjustable.

  5. Drip Stands
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    Drip stands are used to hold IV solutions and blood bags. They work by keeping the fluid bag elevated for the safe and steady administration of blood, fluid and medication. They are commonly used in hospitals and clinics by nurses and doctors to assist in the safe handling and administration of IV fluids, medication and blood.

  6. Drug Cabinets
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    Drug cabinets are widely used domestically in houses and also in medical institutes to practically and safely store medicine. On top of providing storage for products, drug cabinets can also come with a locking solution to keep medicines safely stored.

  7. Medical Beds
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    Medical beds are beds designed for medical environments or in patient care in the home and are commonly seen in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. They are designed to specifically minimise the risk of falling (thanks to side rails) and are easy to recline, raise and keep clean.

  8. Medical Furniture Refurbishment
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    Medical furniture refurbishment is the process of refurbishing medical equipment for repair or re-sale. Types of equipment which can be refurbished for sale include examination tables, tables, stools, chairs, medical trolleys, surgical lights and more. In the refurbishment process, equipment has scratches removed, tears and wears repaired, and fabric is cleaned or reupholsters.

  9. Medical Lighting
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    Medical lighting is widely used in hospitals, clinics and dental practices to offering optimum lighting for medical interventions (such as surgeries). They are also used in the process of examination to provide lighting to better allow for treatment or diagnosis. Types of medical lighting include balanced arm systems, operating theatre lights, mobile operating lights, minor surgical lights, examination lights, and illuminated magnifier.

  10. Medical Operator Seating
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    Medical Operator Seating is designed to provide optimum comfort to the user for periods of extended use. A wide variety of seating is available suitable for various applications within the medical profession including Multi Procedures chairs, Ophthalmology Chairs, Fixed Height Phlebotomy Chairs, Hydraulic Phlebotomy Chairs and Mobile Phlebotomy Chairs.

  11. Medical Plinths
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    Medical plinths are padded tables on which patients sit or lie on when undergoing treatment such as physical therapy or minor surgeries. Essential in the medical and healthcare industry, they are often found in hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries.

  12. Medical Steps
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  13. Medical Stools
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    Generally used for doctors and other medical personnel to sit on, medical stools are designed for ease of movement and access when examining and giving treatment to patients. They come in a range of sizes and materials, along with adjustable options to suit anyone working in the medical industry.

  14. Medical Tables
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    Medical tables are examination tables which are used to support patients during medical examinations. During these exams, doctors in offices, clinics and hospitals use an adjusting mechanism to manipulate and position the table to allow patient support, closer examination of a portion or the entire patient, and the ability to move the patient on and off the table safely.

  15. Medical Trolleys
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    A trolley is a type of medical equipment that is used to carry or transport patients. A very basic type of trolley relies on two people carrying it, whereas a more widely used type of trolley has wheels or tracks for easy movement. They are used in any situation where a patient needs to be transported, including ambulances, hospitals and clinics. Trolleys are also used in emergency, out-of-hospital situations by emergency services and the military.

  16. Patient Steps
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    Patient steps are portable steps that are used by patients to gain access to different types of medical equipment or care facilities (like baths). They are widely used in widely used in hospitals, care homes, and clinics. They are also commonly used domestically.

  17. Sanitisation Stations
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    Sanitisation stations provide a vital solution to the spread of viruses in areas where large groups of people can congregate or in keeping certain areas or workstation sanitsed.

  18. Treatment Chairs
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    Treatment chairs are used by doctors, dentists, gynaecologists, dermatologists and other medical professionals in the process of treatment, examination and diagnostics. They are commonly seen in hospitals, clinics, and dental practices and have the advantage of allowing the patient to remain in a seated position.

  19. Treatment Couches
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    Treatment couches are used in non-invasive procedures and examinations, they are widely used by osteopaths, physical therapists, dermatologists, physiotherapists and other medical professionals. Treatment couches can be seen in doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and clinics. Common types of treatment couches fixed height couches, electrical couches, oral surgery chairs, examination couches, hydraulic couches, and rest couches.

  20. Wheelchairs
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    A wheelchair is a chair mounted on wheels used to aid individuals who have difficulties walking due to injury, illness or disability. Wheelchairs come in a multitude of varying formats specific to the particular need of the person using it. This can include specialised seating, personalised controls. There are several different types of wheelchair such as self-propelled (manual) wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and folding wheelchairs.

  21. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.