Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are general used to described all the consumable products and equipment used in a medical situation by doctors, nurses, surgeons, gynaecologists, dermatologists, dental practitioners and others medical professionals. Medical supplies include gloves, plasters, medical paper and charts, dental equipment, aprons, bandages, cotton wool, sterile water, tongue depressors, pre-injection wipes, syringes, needles, hand gel, ice packs, cotton rolls, skin swabs and tape. Medical supplies are used in hospitals, doctors’ clinics, dental surgeries and various out-of-hospital situations dealt with by emergency services and military. Some types of medical supplies are commonly used domestically and stored in a first aid kit.

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  1. Aprons and Gloves
    - 38 Suppliers 2,673 Products

    Aprons and gloves are a type of medical supply equipment used by doctors, nurses, surgeons, gynaecologists, dermatologists, dental practitioners and others medical professionals. They are used to provide hygienic contact between medics and patients and are commonly used in doctors’ clinics, hospitals dental surgeries and various out-of-hospital situations dealt with by emergency services and military.

  2. Bandages
    - 1 Supplier 189 Products

    A bandage is a type of medical supply that forms part of a dressing or splint. Bandages can also be used alone to provide support, restrict movement, reduce swelling, or slow blood flow. They are used in medical applications by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, military medics and other medical professionals.

  3. Body Bags
    - 2 Suppliers 6 Products

    Body bags are designed and used for the storage and transportation of human bodies.

  4. Burn Dressings and Kits
    - 2 Suppliers 82 Products

    In addition to dressings, a burn kit contains supplies to cool, sooth and treat burns and halt the blistering process after skin comes into content with fire, hot water, steam, radiated heat, electricity, chemicals or friction. They are commonly used by medics but are also found in many corporate environments include restaurants and officers where they can be used by First Aiders in the event of an emergency.

  5. Clinical Waste and Sharps Bins
    - 2 Suppliers 385 Products

    Clinical waste and sharp bins are used to dispose of the waste arising from medical, dental, nursing, veterinary, acupunctural, pharmaceutical practice, treatment, research or investigation. Types of clinical waste bins include large capacity clinical waste bins, mini clinical waste bins and clinical waste wheelie bins.

  6. Continence Products
    - 0 Suppliers 262 Products

    Continence products are prescribed by doctors and pharmacists to patients who suffer with particular continence problems. They are available over the counter or on prescription, depending on their function. Such products are used in situations involving bed-wetting, daytime wetting, constipation and soiling.

  7. Coveralls
    - 6 Suppliers 94 Products

    Coveralls are one-piece, garments designed to be worn over ordinary clothing protecting it for contamination from Viruses or other medical waste

  8. Detergent
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Detergent disinfectant or medical detergents clean and disinfects laundry in a single process

  9. Eyewash Solutions and Accessories
    - 3 Suppliers 105 Products

    Eyewash solutions are used to wash the eye to combat irritation, burning, itching, stinging or discomfort. They work by removing foreign matter, minimising the effect of air pollutants (such as pollen, ragweed or smog) or chlorinated water. They can be self-administrated or administrated by a doctor, nurse, optician, nurse, ophthalmologist or other medical professionals.

  10. Face Shields/Visors
    - 27 Suppliers 284 Products

    Face shields and masks are used to protect your face when working in a hazardous environment.

  11. Hand Sanitisers and Cleaners
    - 33 Suppliers 1,326 Products

    Hand sanitisers and cleaners are a liquid substance used to eliminate infectious agents on your hands. Hand sanitisers and cleaners come in many different forms such as liquid, foams and gels. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are the most effective for killing microorganisms and is commonly found in healthcare settings. Alcohol-based sanitisers typically contains ethanol as an antiseptic.

  12. HazMat Suits
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    HazMat Suits are personal protective equipment worn as protection in hazardous Environments

  13. Ice Packs
    - 2 Suppliers 30 Products

    Ice packs are used in a type of therapy known as cryotherapy or cold therapy. It is particularly practiced in the treatment of injuries caused in sports where ice can relieve pain, reduce or prevent swelling, cool down tissue temperature and help prevent tissue damage. They are commonly used by nurses, doctors, and physiotherapists.

  14. Medical Test Kits
    - 2 Suppliers 201 Products

    Medical test kits are used for the identification of viruses, antibodies and ailments, they can be used for medical purposes in testing centres, laboratories, at the point of care or at home.

  15. Needles and Syringes
    - 2 Suppliers 1,266 Products

    Needles are used with a syringe to inject liquid samples into the body, or to extract fluids (particularly blood) out of the body. Both syringes and needles work together, with the needle being the point of contact with the skin and the syringe acting as a pump and plunger that fits within a tube and which can be pushed and pulled to either take in or dispel liquid. They are commonly used to administrate medication, pain relief, treatment and medication.

  16. Oversleeves
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Used to protect, or prevent contamination by sleeves. Oversleeves are used to ensure hygiene standard are met in a variety of medical environments as well as protecting the spread of viruses.

  17. Plasters, Dressings and Tapes
    - 7 Suppliers 894 Products

    Plasters, dressings and tapes are used in hospitals, doctors’ clinics, dental surgeries and various out-of-hospital situations dealt with by the military, first responders and emergency services. Plasters, dressings and tapes are also used domestically and feature heavily in home first-aid kits, as well as corporate.

  18. Protective Screens
    - 5 Suppliers 17 Products

    Protective screens or Sneeze Guards are used to provide a protective shield between patients and care staff

  19. Scalpels
    - 0 Suppliers 558 Products

    Scalpels are used in the fields or research and medicine, to either dissect, operate or remove stitches. Types of scalpels include disposable or re-usable. In re-usable, the blades are either permanently attached or removable and replaceable. Double edged scalpels are known as lancets. Further types of scalpels include harmonic scalpels, harmonic scalpels, stainless steel, stitch cutters, and glass knives.

  20. Scissors
    - 0 Suppliers 243 Products

    Scissors that are used in the medical industry are called surgical scissors. They are used for cutting bandages, clothing and dressings, dissecting, operating, stitching and many other cutting applications. Users of medical scissors include doctors, doctors, surgeons, first responders, military personal physiotherapists, vets, dermatologists and other medical professionals.

  21. Soap Dispensers
    - 4 Suppliers 21 Products

    Soap dispensers are quick and easy to use and provide a means of combating the spread of viruses whilst keeping contact to a minimum.

  22. Surgical Gowns
    - 9 Suppliers 119 Products

    Examination gowns, fluid protection gowns and surgical gowns for medical and surgical use offered in a range of sizes and style by suppliers on Applegate Marketplace.

  23. Sutures
    - 0 Suppliers 152 Products

    A suture is a medical device which holds body tissues together following surgery or an injury. They are applied using a needle which has a thread attached, with surgical knots used to secure. Suturing is performed by surgeons, general practitioners, physicians, eye doctors, dentists, podiatrists, nurses, clinical pharmacists and medics.

  24. Swabs and Cotton Wool
    - 3 Suppliers 396 Products

    Swabs are plastic/paper sticks with cotton buds at each end, cotton wool is small balls of cotton wool. They are normally sterilised and so are most commonly used for medical purposes such as cleaning wounds or applying substances to a wound.

  25. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 9,236 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.