Plasters, Dressings and Tapes

Plasters, dressings and tapes form part of medical supplies that are consumable and used by nurses, doctors, surgeons, dermatologists, and others medical professionals to dress wounds, provide protection or stop blood. Types of plasters, dressings and tapes include ambulance dressings, HSE dressings, compressed dressings, burns dressings, gauze dressing, fast healing plasters, fabric plasters, plaster tape, Hydrocolloid dressings, hydrogel dressing, blister plasters, Alginate dressings, and collagen dressing. Plasters, dressings and tapes are used in hospitals, doctors’ clinics, dental surgeries and various out-of-hospital situations dealt with by the military, first responders and emergency services. Plasters, dressings and tapes are also used domestically and feature heavily in home first-aid kits, as well as corporate.

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