Office Furniture

Office furniture refers to any piece of furniture which is normally used in the office such as desks, chairs, tables, computer workstations, cupboards, filing cabinets, shelves, drawers, racks, lockers, safes etc. The above list is just an indicative one and is certainly not final on what constitutes office furniture. Due to the large number of items which are considered office furniture, there are thousands of items which fall under this category. The main difference between the office furniture and the regular or home furniture is the usage. Although, home furniture may also function in a similar way, office furniture is specifically designed to meet workplace requirements and is considered more ergonomic by nature.

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  1. Bookcases
    - 1 Supplier 208 Products

    Bookcases are used for holding books on their shelves and are used widely in offices, schools, colleges, and libraries. Any modern office requires a bookcase as they are the best way for keeping and managing books. In addition to holding books they can also be used for holding files or folders.

  2. Canteen Furniture
    - 1 Supplier 25 Products

    Canteen furniture refers to tables, chairs, benches or combined units which have been specifically designed for canteen use. With expanding workplaces and focus of businesses on having an internal cafeteria the demand for canteen furniture has risen in recent years.

  3. Chairs and Seating
    - 6 Suppliers 2,461 Products

    Office chairs and seating are one of the most important part of office furniture and due to their extensive and varied use these can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Wooden, metallic, plastic and other types of chairs are most often used in the offices.

  4. Coat Stands
    - 1 Supplier 85 Products

    Coat stands are an important piece of office furniture which can be used for hanging coats, umbrellas, hats and other accessories. Coat stands are generally metallic structures with a heavy base which provides stability and balances out the weight of clothes on the top of a coat stand.

  5. Computer Workstations
    - 0 Suppliers 7 Products

    Computer workstations are a modified version of an office desk which are specially designed to be used as a desk for modern computes and other equipment related to computers such as printers, scanners, modems etc.

  6. Conference Furniture
    - 0 Suppliers 73 Products

    Conference furniture primarily refers to tables, chairs, filing cabinets, and other pieces of furniture used in a conference room. Most of the conference furniture is primarily wooden and is designed to accommodate a large group of users. In many workplaces, a conference room also doubles as a boardroom and due to this conference furniture is often aimed at higher market segment and is priced accordingly.

  7. Cupboards and Lockers
    - 11 Suppliers 2,327 Products

    Office cupboards and lockers are used within offices and workplaces for storing various items. Office cupboards are mostly like other type of cupboards other than enhanced safety systems such as locks, hardened and strong doors.

  8. Desks
    - 3 Suppliers 1,479 Products

    Office desks serve as the primary workplace for most of the staff as most workers spend a large amount of their time at their desks. Modern office desk functions both as a writing desk and a computer desk. Although, in the past wood and metal were primarily used for desks, now office desks are made of a variety of materials.

  9. Filing Cabinets
    - 2 Suppliers 286 Products

    Filing cabinets as the name suggests are used for storing files and are an essential piece of office furniture which can be found in almost any office. Filing cabinets allow a business to store important files and folders. A buyer can also choose between a metal or wooden filing cabinet. There are also aesthetic versions which utilize chrome or other metal plating for a better finishing.

  10. Floor Mats
    - 14 Suppliers 511 Products

    Floor mats are used in most offices to protect against dust, mud, water, scratched and play an important role in keeping an office tidy, neat and clean. PVC and polyamide are the primary materials used for floor mats and these come in various shapes and sizes.

  11. Furniture Accessories
    - 4 Suppliers 1,555 Products

    Furniture accessories such as office trollies, pedestals, printer stands, sofas and visitor seating, management or executive seating are essential items for any office. These furniture accessories can be found in most of the offices and come in a wide variety. Most of the furniture accessories are made up of wood, plastic, metal or a combination of two or more of these materials.

  12. Management Seating
    - 0 Suppliers 71 Products

    Management seating and executive chairs are an essential feature of any meeting, conference or board room. These chairs although quite like normal office chairs differ in several ways. Upholstery, leather and metal used for such chairs is of the highest quality as these are designed for the premium end of the office seating market.

  13. Office Trollies
    - 3 Suppliers 46 Products

    Office trollies are used in all the offices for storing and moving documents, folders, refreshments and cleaning materials. Due to this there are several different trollies available in the market. Filing cabinet trollies differ from the ones used for serving refreshments or for those designed for carrying cleaning materials by design, function and there is also a wide difference in price.

  14. Pedestals
    - 1 Supplier 373 Products

    Office pedestals are an essential part of office furniture and are used in one form or other in most offices. The most common form of pedestals is the 2 or 3 drawer desk hanging pedestal which simply consists of two or three drawers attached below a desk. Pedestals are mostly made up of particle board or metal.

  15. Printer Stands
    - 0 Suppliers 609 Products

    Printer stands serve as base for holding office printers and often come with wheels which allows mobility to move within an office. Most printer stands are made up of particle board which is also used for other office furniture and often have 2 or 3 drawers which allows one to store paper or other printer accessories near a printer.

  16. Screens and Dividers
    - 3 Suppliers 274 Products

    Office screens and dividers provide an easy way for partitioning an office or a table/desk into multiple smart parts. They can be a solution to the privacy needs of your workers. Most office screens and dividers are made up of tough nylon fabric or similar materials and are much lighter than wooden partitions or dividers.

  17. Sofas and Visitor Seating
    - 1 Supplier 83 Products

    Sofas and visitor chairs are ideal for use in reception areas, meeting rooms etc. where many visitors of workers may need to sit simultaneously for extended periods of time. Leather is often used in visitor chairs and both visitor sofas and chairs tend to have high quality upholstery.

  18. Tables
    - 5 Suppliers 1,540 Products

    Tables are almost synonymous with the word office as they can be found in any office across the world. Indeed, the concept of workplace without a table sounds impossible as they are used for writing, computers, eating, conferences etc. Most tables are made up of high quality durable wood and come in number of shapes, sizes and colours.

  19. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 551 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.