Presentation Equipment

Presentation equipment primarily refers to a wide variety of products which are used in conferences and presentations. Presentation equipment includes but is not limited to rail systems, display panels & accessories, flipchart easels, AV trollies, LCD panels, cameras, copy boards, projection screens, video presenters etc. Despite the name, these products are also extensively used for conferences, meetings or press events as basically conferences, press events and meetings can also be considered a sort of presentation in front of large audiences and require the same sort of equipment as the one used for presentations. With digital technology, most products considered presentation equipment are changing fast and now the older analogue products are slowly replaced by digital ones which support computers, smartphones or tablets.

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  1. AV Trollies
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    AV trollies are specially designed for holding projectors and LCD screens. Rarely a presentation or conference is conducted without AV trollies as these have become almost inseparable from projectors and screens used in presentations. Most AV trollies are made up of wood and metal and often come with attached wheels which allow greater mobility.

  2. Cameras
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    Cameras of all types are used for recording minutes or a meeting or taking images of slides shown in a presentation or a conference. Most modern digital cameras can be easily connected to a computer or notebook and some even can be directly connected to a projector or projection screen.

  3. Copyboards
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    Copyboards are a modified version of older whiteboards which come with an attached printer allowing one to print out everything drawn on the whiteboard during a meeting or presentation. Screen size of a copyboard can range from 60 inch to 80 inches and more and weight also varies accordingly from 25 kg to 50 kg.

  4. Display Panels & Accessories
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    Display panels allow one to create a wide presentation area within a few seconds. Portable display panels are used for all sort of presentations across various organisations. Most display panel contain 3 to 8 panels and weight of a display panel is directly proportional to the number of panels included in it.

  5. Flipchart Easels
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    Flipchart easels are an essential part of any presentation as without them conducting a conference, workshop or meeting is almost impossible. Most flipchart easels have a whiteboard for attached flip charts at the upper edge and are held by three, four legged or single leg easel often attached to a wheel set at the bottom.

  6. LCD Panels
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    LCD projector screens or LCD panels are replacing traditional projector screens due to their higher screen resolution, clarity of images and other technological advancements. Most LCD panels can be easily connected to projectors and computers allowing one to control various aspects of projected image which is simply not possible with traditional projection screens.

  7. Projection Screens
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    Projection Screens are used in conference rooms, boardrooms and are almost essential for any conducting any successful presentation. Projection screens come in a large variety and there are foldable, unfold able rigid projection screens, manual or electric screens available for all sort of uses.

  8. Video Presenters
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    Video presenters can project a 3d image or slides on any sort of LCD screen directly and as such are used extensively in most offices and educational or training establishments. Most video presenters can connect easily to a computer/notebook, LCD screen or a projector.

  9. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.