Optics and Optical Components

Optics and optical components alter the state of light through focusing, reflecting, filtering or polarizing. Optics are used in a wide range of functions, including to play CDs and in many laptop computer displays. Optics and optical components include optical filters, optical lenses, laser lenses, laser line mirrors, laser bean expanders, laser windows, laser filters, laser prisms, laser polarizers, laser crystals, laser optical assemblies, optical mirrors, or mirrors which are totally optimised for reflecting and transmitting lasers Optics and optical components are used in a wide range of applications including imaging, microscopy, life science, interferometry, music industry, testing and measurement.

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  1. Cameras and Accessories
    - 7 Suppliers 543 Products

    Cameras are available in many different types, from simple compact digital cameras suitable for your everyday business needs to the latest SLR cameras which offer control and precision for more specific business requirements. A range of accessories are also available including camera tripods and mounts, bags, lenses and batteries.

  2. Illumination and Accessories
    - 5 Suppliers 100 Products

    A huge range of photographic illumination equipment and accessories are available, covering everything you might possibly need to light any subject. From spotlights to strobes, fibre optics to fluorescents there is sure to be an illumination solution to meet your needs.

  3. Imaging Lenses
    - 2 Suppliers 266 Products

    Imaging lenses are used to view objects in an image system to better focus or highlight the image. They work by highlighting certain features or characteristics and are used in a wide range of applications including like face and object recognition, barcode reading, imaging of documents, machine vision, as well as biometric security.

  4. Lasers
    - 2 Suppliers 51 Products

    Lasers differ from other sources of light in that it emits light coherently, that is it stays narrow and precise over long distances and can be focused on a small spot. This makes lasers ideal for huge range of uses where precision is required such as laser cutting and engraving, DNA sequencing and laser lighting.

  5. Microscopy
    - 2 Suppliers 165 Products

    A huge range of microscopy equipment and components are available, from microscopes themselves, to microscopy chemicals, slides, adhesives, coaters, labels, specimen preparation tools, cathodes and filaments, there is sure to be a product to meet your specific microscopy requirements.

  6. Optical Peripherals and Accessories
    - 1 Supplier 2 Products

    Optical peripherals are types of computer equipment which can be linked to a computer optically without wires through light or infrared beams. The most common of which is a computer mouse, which is a pointing device which detects motion that is relative to the surface is it on but other types of optical peripherals include keyboards and presenters.

  7. Optics
    - 4 Suppliers 163 Products

    Optics is a branch of physics concerned with the properties and behaviour of light, and optical equipment uses or detects visible, ultraviolet or infrared light across a variety of applications including medicine, imaging, photography, engineering and astronomy and to manufacture a range of items such as mirrors, cameras, telescopes and lasers.

  8. Optomechanics
    - 1 Supplier 8 Products

    Optomechanics are a group of optical components such as optical mounts, breadboards and tables that are used to provide a range of mounting or situating options when constructing modular optical systems, They are available as stand-alone products or as a range of modular systems with accessories and are used in a variety of optical applications.