Windows and Diffusers

In the field of optics, a diffuser is made from glass and scatters light to make it softer in appearance. Optical Diffusers are used to minimise high-intensity bright spots by diffusing light evenly across a surface. An optical window is a transparent, flat piece of film that allows light into an optical instrument. The light let in depends on the transparency of the window, and each type will be set to allow certain wavelengths to pass through Ground glass diffusers, Opal Diffusing Glass and Holographic Diffusers all vary in the quality of diffusion offered with Holographic Diffusers being of the highest quality and thus most expensive of the 3. A high-quality diffuser will create a Lambertian scattering of light whereby the radiance of light is independent of angle. Optical windows are selected by the properties of the substrate, and these include materials such as Zinc Selenide, UV FusedcSilica, Potassium Bromide and Germanium. Optical diffusers have a range of applications and are used as targets, screens or imaging applications such as projectors. Optical windows are used as barriers for electronic detectors or sensors to protect them from outside damage.

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