Optomechanics are a group of optical components such as optical mounts, breadboards and tables that are used to provide a range of mounting or situating options when constructing modular optical systems in a variety of optical applications. They provide the stability needed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of optical systems. Optomechanics are available a stand-alone products or from a range of versatile modular systems that come with a range of accessories and adaptors that assure ease of assembly and compatibility between systems. Optomechanics include optical breadboards or tables, optical mounts and kinematic mounts that ease positioning and adjustment. Optomechanical components are used in a variety of optical applications including imaging applications such as photography, telescopes and projectors.

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  1. Irises and Apertures
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    Irises and Apertures are used in optical imaging systems such as camera lenses. The selection of adjustable irises and apertures available include mounted or unmounted versions which are controlled by expanding or contracting the diameter of the iris, making them useful in a variety of applications and imaging environments.

  2. Optical Breadboards
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    Optical breadboards can be used to mount your microscope in a laboratory or factory setting, allowing for stability and ease of use. A range of mounting accessories are also available such as plates, screws and brackets.

  3. Optical Mounts
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    Optical mounts are used to position or mount a range of optical components on a wide range of applications where a mount is needed for the safety of the component or precision of imaging. Mounts are specific to their application and include beam splitter mounts, fibre optic mounts, iris and aperture mounts and more.

  4. Optical Tables
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    Optical tables can be used to house you microscopes, increasing stability and functionality and significantly reducing vibration. Tables are available with or without sealed mounting holes and with through ports for cable management. A wide range of sizes are available capable of taking one or more microscopes.

  5. Translation Stages and Slides
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    Translation stages are mounting surfaces used to provide degrees of movement to mounted optical components by moving the components across one or more axes. They can be manually or automatically adjusted and use different methods of movement. Slides allow movement to happen with precision accuracy, making them particularly useful in design and imaging applications.

  6. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.