Irises and Apertures

Irises and apertures are used in optical imaging systems such as camera lenses. The iris or diaphragm in optics is a thin opaque structure, which is adjustable to stop the passage of light apart from the light that’s allowed to pass through the aperture. An aperture is at the centre of an iris and is the opening through which light travels through onto the image plane. The selection of adjustable irises available include mounted and unmounted irises such as Standard Lever Irises, Post mounted Irises, SM threaded ring irises, Cage System Irises and SM threaded lever irises. More precision irises include Precision pinholes, Annular Aperture Obstruction targets, pinhole spatial filters and motorised pinhole wheels. Irises and apertures are used in a range of optical applications most notably on cameras but also in laser and imaging applications. Apertures are controlled by expanding or contracting the diameter of the iris, making them a versatile choice for blocking light in a multiple applications and imaging environments.

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