Signage is an integral part of society, providing a platform for the Government, Businesses, Councils and Individuals to display important information to a wide audience. Signs come in multiple forms differing in its purpose. Signs are often used as advertisement and marketing material such as advertising billboards or building wraps. These are used by companies to provide company recognition through logos, information on what they offer such as products and services, to entice customers by creating curiosity and encouraging them to enter inside and what the company represents through their strapline and company values. Another purpose signage provides public information through directions. This is necessary for the identification of locations such as roads and hows to travel on them safely, directions towards visitor attractions, the location of hospitals or paths to get to shopping centres. Signage will also be used as a way to provide information on and maintain health and safety. This form of signage can be seen in workplaces, schools, nurseries and offices. These signs will display warnings to keep people from hazards and threats, keeping them safe. These will also be used to illustrate safety procedures keeping the public safe during emergencies.

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