Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts used for marketing purposes when promoting a business or new service or product and usually contain the company logo. They are not only a great way to get the attention of a potential customer but hold their attention in that they offer a ‘hang around' value as they might be worn or used on a daily basis and so create a lasting impression. Promotional gifts include clothes or wearable goods such as hats and scarves along with pens, notepads, calendars, mugs, mouse mats, umbrellas and diaries. Gifts are not limited to these more traditional items, though, practically any object that can be printed on can be used as a promotional gift. Promotional gifts are often handed out at the launch of a new company, at exhibitions, at new product launches or whenever a company wants to increase brand awareness.

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  1. Awards and Trophies
    - 7 Suppliers 2,034 Products

    Awards and trophies are used to offer tangible recognition of performance or an event. They are commonly used by those who participate in sporting and military events but also used corporately to recognise excellent efforts and performance individually, within a team or as part of a company.

  2. Diaries and Calendars
    - 5 Suppliers 431 Products

    Diaries come in several formats, from desk diaries right through to pocket diaries. Whereas calendars also range in various sizes, from wall mounted to desk. In each case, both diaries and calendars can be created to personal specifications which is why they lend themselves well to being a promotional gift. In each case, companies can choose between colours, branding and even materials.

  3. Drinks Coasters
    - 6 Suppliers 310 Products

    Drinks coasters work by protecting the surface of a table (or similar) when a beverage is placed on it. They prevent any damage caused by heat or drink spillage. Drinks coasters lend themselves very well to being a promotional gift because they can be easily branded and are frequently used in the home and workplace. Drinks coasters are easy to customise and brand.

  4. Fridge Magnets
    - 6 Suppliers 151 Products

    Fridge magnets are widely used in the home and workplace, to add decoration or to store reminders and memos. They are an excellent type of promotional gift because they can be very easily personalised and branded to incorporate corporate colours and logos.

  5. Gift Items
    - 9 Suppliers 157,965 Products

    A huge range of promotional gifts are available from pens, mugs, badges and postcards to nail-kits, toothbrushes and USB drives. All items can be easily printed with your business name, logo, and message, ensuring maximum promotion for your business, brand, product or event.

  6. Keyrings and Badges
    - 10 Suppliers 1,965 Products

    Keyrings and badges are a popular souvenir item of promotional gift. A keyring can be added to keys to add several together while also providing a decorative feature. Badges can be pinned to clothes for decorative features or for the purpose of raising awareness of a message or cause. Both keyrings and badges are popular promotional gifts because they can be branded with corporate messages, logos and colours.

  7. Lanyards
    - 6 Suppliers 530 Products

    Lanyards are straps and cords that are worn around the neck, shoulder or wrist to carry ID cards or keys. They are commonly used by employees in offices as a security measure which makes them an ideal promotional gift item.

  8. Luxury Pens
    - 4 Suppliers 3,144 Products

    Luxury pens are a promotional gift that can be given by companies to their customers and clients. In fact, a luxury pens can stand out against other office equipment because they can carry your company’s branding. Common types of luxury pens include ballpoint pens, rollerball pen, fountain pen and felt tip pens.

  9. Mousemats
    - 4 Suppliers 70 Products

    A mousemat is a portable surface that is used for placing and then moving a computer mouse. They are designed to increase the usability of the computer mouse by providing a surface that ensures movement without jitter. Because they offer a large surface area, mousemats are an ideal promotional gift because they can be branded with corporate identity.

  10. Sports Bottles
    - 5 Suppliers 276 Products

    Sports bottles are containers that are used to store cold liquids so that users can drink them before, during and after sports. Sports bottles are an excellent promotional gift because they can be easily branded and they also promote environmental awareness by reducing the waste associated with disposable water bottles.

  11. Stress Products
    - 5 Suppliers 375 Products

    Stress products are commonly seen on the desk of office-workers, including executives. They lend themselves well to being promotional products because they can be branded and personalised. Common types of stress products, also called desktop toys, executive toy or desk toys, Pin Art, Magic 8 Ball, Drinking Bird, and stress balls.

  12. Umbrellas
    - 6 Suppliers 745 Products

    An umbrella is a hand-held personal device used to offer protection against the rain or the sun. They are an ideal promotional gift because they can be branded with corporate logos and are available in corporate colours. They are used personally for recreation and also during various outdoor sporting events.

  13. USB Sticks
    - 5 Suppliers 338 Products

    USB sticks are commonly used in personal data transport, secure storage of data, software files and applications, computer forensics and law enforcement, updating motherboard firmware, booting operating systems and operating system installation media. They are available with a wide range of memory, ranging from 8 to 256 GB upwards.

  14. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 49 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.