Encoders, also known as rotary encoders or shaft encoders, are electromechanical devices that convert the motion or angular position of a shaft or an axle into either an analogue or a digital code. The main types of encoder are absolute encoders, incremental encoders and optical encoders. Absolute encoders indicate the shaft’s current position in their output. Therefore, they are essentially angle transducers. In contrast, an incremental encoder offers information about the motion of the shaft. This data is usually converted along with other useful information, such as speed and distance. Encoders are used in a vast range of applications. Any application that requires precise and unlimited shaft rotation is ideal for encoders to be employed with. From industrial controls to computer input devices and brushless motors, encoders are used widely with them all.

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  1. Absolute Encoders
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    Absolute encoders are also known as shaft-angle encoders and absolute shaft encoders. They are electro-mechanical devices that record the angular position of a shaft. They can also convert linear movements into rotary movements. The key benefit of absolute encoders is that they will remember a position on the shaft even in the event of a power failure of malfunction.

  2. Encoder Accessories
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    A wide choice of encoder accessories, such as cables and mating connecting assemblies, power supplies and signal conditioners are available to ensure that seamless integration is achieved for an encoder application in any environment. Mounting brackets, couplings and hubs are also available.

  3. Incremental Encoders
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    Incremental encoders are electro-mechanical devices that monitor a rotating shaft. They are also sometimes known as incremental rotary shaft encoders. They can also monitor linear positions. When integrated into a control system, incremental encoders can also provide speeds, direction and acceleration data.

  4. Optical Encoders
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    Optical encoders, sometimes known as optical shaft encoders, identify positional change. Optical encoders use a sensor to identify patterns and other information, such as speed, can also be measured. Optical encoders are highly precise making them ideal for any applications where resolution is important.

  5. Other
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