Miscellaneous Sensors

Miscellaneous sensors are those devices that do not necessarily fit into an obvious sensor category. There is a vast choice of sensors, transducers and detectors available to suit virtually every purpose and any application. These are generally categorised into sensor type. For example, fibre optic sensors or magnetic sensors (indicating the technology that the sensor uses); or current sensors and force sensors (indicating what is actually being detected). Many share characteristics with these easily categorised sensors, but serve a very specific purpose and function – these are typically described as miscellaneous sensors. They can sense or probe various things, such as a controlled relay sensor that controls electrical power to devices that are managed over the internet; or dual point switching sensors that allow high and low levels to be measured by a single sensor. Miscellaneous sensors are used in a vast range of applications, both in domestic and industrial settings, where very precise functions are required.

  • Rheintacho UK Ltd (formerly Foundrometers Instrumentation Ltd) 1 Product

  • Variohm Eurosensor Ltd 12 Products

  • Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd 15 Products

  • Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd 33 Products

  • Valeport Ltd 5 Products

  • Automation24 GmbH 16 Products

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  • Dent Instrumentation Ltd 6 Products

  • Titan Products Ltd 7 Products

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