R22A Oxygen Sensor

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  1. R22A Oxygen Sensor

    Butts of Bawtry (JHM Butt)

    R22A Oxygen Sensor for emission analysers such as AVL, Beissbarth, Bosch, Boston, Crypton, Facom, Omitec, Protech, Saxon, Siemens, Sanp-On, SPX, Sun DGA, Technotest, Trademaster, Stargas, Sykes Pickavant, and many more!Output Connector: 3 pin Molex Output Voltage: 7 - 13 mV Check your existing Oxygen Sensor for its "R" Code before ordering to ensure you obtain the correct one.**PLEASE NOTE**IF YOU ORDER THE INCORRECT O2 SENSOR WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THE ITEM FOR CREDIT IF IT HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM ITS PACKAGING (PLASTIC BAG) AS IT WILL HAVE BEEN CONTAMINATED We offer a comprehensive range of Emissions Tester Spare Parts please contact us today Tel: 01302 718226
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