Cables and Adaptors

Computer cables allow for the transmission of data and power from one electrical appliance to another. There are two main types of cable, the first being a power cable. This type of cable powers the electrical device, for example, the power cord for a computer that connects a wall socket to a computer. The other type of cable is a data cable, these provide communication between different devices such as a HDMI, DVI or VGA cable which attach to a monitor allowing for a picture display to be shown. Adapters are devices which allows a piece of hardware or electrical interface to accommodate into another electrical interface or hardware without loss of function. In computer adapters are usually built into a card which can be inserted into a slot on the computer’s motherboard. The card will adapt information which is exchanged between the computer's microprocessor and the devices that the card supports. Common adapters include USB Adapters, Gender Changers and Coaxial Cable Adapters.

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