Luggage is used to accommodate belongings when travelling. Common articles held in luggage includes clothing, toiletries, and many other travelling essentials and souvenirs. When flying, luggage can be separated into carry-on luggage and that that which can go into the hold. Luggage which can be carried on is usually subject to weight and size regulations. Common luggage includes bags, rucksacks, backpacks, trolleys, cases, handbags, containers, trunks, cases for children, suitcases, garment bags, suit bags, totes, trolleys, briefcases, duffle bags, carpet bags and packing cubes. Luggage is used by travellers to carry their travelling essentials when on business or at leisure.

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  1. Briefcases and Business Luggage
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    Business travellers used a wide range of specific luggage when travelling, specifically known as briefcases and business luggage. They are widely used by business people to hold business necessities when travelling for the purpose of business. Common types of briefcases and business luggage includes leather briefcases, padfolio, portfolio, messenger bags, rolling briefcases, laptop sleeves, tablet sleeves, apparel bags, rucksacks, and sample bags.

  2. Cabin Bags and Holdalls
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    Cabin bags and holdalls are types of luggage and suitcases that cohere to airline size regulations and can fit specifically into the airplaneā€™s overhead boxes. This means that air passengers can carry this type of luggage on to airplanes without checking it in to the hold. Common types of cabin bags and holdalls include rucksacks, backpacks, trolleys, cases, handbags, totes, trolleys, briefcases, duffle bags, and carpet bags.

  3. Flight Cases
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    Flight cases are a type of shipping containers that are built to protect specialist equipment from damage during transmit. They are also known as road cases, ATA cases and roadie cases. Common equipment that can be held in flight cases include musical instruments, music equipment, motion picture equipment and audio and lighting production equipment.

  4. Handbags, Tote Bags and Messenger Bags
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    Handbags, tote bags and messenger bags are types of bags which can be used day to day to carry essentials. These types of bags are available for men, women and children and offer the benefit of holding belongings needed for the day including wallets, purses, keys and mobile phone.

  5. Luggage Trolleys
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    Suitcases which have wheels and a telescopic handle are known as trolleys (also known as trolley cases and roll alongs). They are distinguished by their two fixed wheels which make them able to be transported without lifting. Trolleys are used by travellers to transport essentials in a portable and easy way.

  6. Rucksacks
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    A rucksack (also known as is a bag which is carried on the bag via two straps which go over the shoulders. They are famed for their design which allows for hands-free carrying which is why they are popular amongst travellers, hikers, students and school children.

  7. Suit Carriers
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    A suit carrier is a bag which is specially designed to house jackets, suits and other clothing which should not be subject to the creasing caused by folding into luggage. They can be used for travelling purposes or to protect clothes from dust as they hang in a wardrobe.

  8. Suitcases and Trunks
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    Suitcases and trunks are types of luggage that are used to transport or store belongings. They are commonly used when travel to transport essentials from one location to another. Common types of suitcases and trunks include trolley cases or roll along which make for lift free carrying. Other types include cases with locks and key or combination for added security. In each case, suitcases and trunks are available in a wide range of sizes and weights including lightweight, hard side and oversized luggage.

  9. Travel Accessories
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    Travel accessories are widely used by travellers to make the travelling experience stress free. They include eye masks, travel pillows, passport holders, plug adaptors, padlocks, ear plugs, luggage tags, card wallets, zip lock bags, toiletry bags, and toiletry bottles.

  10. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.