Wholesale Garden and DIY Equipment

Wholesaling involves the sale of goods to distribution channels who then sell direct to end users. Wholesale garden and DIY equipment involves the sale of merchandise to retailers who then sell on to customers. The wholesale model works since the manufacturer or designer sells to the retailer at a reduced RRP, with the retailer selling at RRP at making a profit margin. Wholesale equipment can also be sold to industry professionals who require a large volume of equipment, this is frequently referred to as buying at ‘trade prices’ Wholesale garden and DIY equipment includes spades, racks, forks, plants, flowers, paintbrushes, tool kits, ladders, buckets, paint, flooring, and rollers. The advantages of selling wholesale clothing include bulk orders and the utilisation of a retailer’s premises, marketing and selling channels. It also offers discounted prices to trade professionals.

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  1. Bins and Rain Barrels
    - 0 Suppliers 8 Products

    Bins and rain barrels are receptacles and equipment that are stored in the garden. Bins are developed to hold recycling waste and non-recyclable waste, while rain barrels are storage tanks which sit above the ground and gathers rain water from the gutter downspouts and stores it use in the garden. They are widely used by home and business owners to dispose and recycle trash and to re-use rain water.

  2. Camping and Caravanning Equipment
    - 1 Supplier 4 Products

    Camping and caravanning equipment is used recreationally when camping or travelling by caravan, RV, and campervan. It includes all the essentials for sleeping, eating, drinking and relaxing, which are specially developed to offer smart storage solutions and optimise space.

  3. Composters and Incinerators
    - 0 Suppliers 10 Products

    Composters and Incinerators are widely used in the home and commercial environment to reduce the waste footprint, or to manage own waste without waiting for waste disposable services. Types of waste that be used in an incinerator and a composter includes general waste, food waste, wood and garden waste.

  4. Decking
    - 0 Suppliers 34 Products

    Decking is commonly found in domestic gardens and is also seen in eating and drinking establishments that offer the customer an outside dining experience by extending the patio area. Common types of decking includes redwood, cedar, tropical hardwoods, and pressure treated lumber.

  5. Fencing
    - 1 Supplier 460 Products

    Fencing is the term used to describe the segregation of specific outdoor areas by wood, boards, wire, netting or rails. It works by marking boundaries in fields, farms and gardens but by also providing security or privacy.

  6. Garden Furniture
    - 2 Suppliers 189 Products

    Garden furniture, also known as outdoor or patio furniture, is furniture which is designed for use outdoors. Common types of garden furniture include tables, benches, seats, umbrellas, side tables, dining tables, and deckchairs. The most common types are made from wood, bamboo, wicker, rattan, metal, plastic, glass and concrete.

  7. Garden Hand Tools
    - 1 Supplier 308 Products

    Garden hand tools is used to describe a range of many tools used in the field of gardening, horticulture and agriculture. Unlike power tools, garden hand tools are totally manual and include tools to weed, prune, maintain grass and lawns, manage trees, manage soil and earth, maintain patios, paths and pavements, and trim hedges.

  8. Garden Storage and Sheds
    - 0 Suppliers 510 Products

    Garden storage and sheds are widely used in sheds and allotments to store garden equipment including gardening equipment, children’s toys, bicycles, wood and furniture. Common types of garden storage and sheds include wooden wallstores, bike sheds, garden packer, garden deck boxes, wood storage boxes, wooden storage chests, and log storage.

  9. Gardening Clothing
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    Gardening clothing is used by domestic gardeners, commercial gardeners, tree surgeons and landscape gardeners to maintain domestic and commercial gardens. Gardening clothing ensures comfort, safety and help gardeners maintain gardens more efficiently. Typical gardening clothing consists of gardening gloves, wellington boots, reapers’ trousers, grip clothes, boilersuits, knee pads and canvas clothes.

  10. Gazebos
    - 1 Supplier 64 Products

    A gazebo is a structure that is shaped in a pavilion form, often turret-shaped or octagon, used to provide shelter or a seated area in an outside space. Gazebos offer a permanent beautiful garden feature but also offer dining and relaxing shelter from the sun or rain but are also available for temporary solutions for events.

  11. Ladders
    - 3 Suppliers 543 Products

    Ladders are used in both domestic and commercial outdoor and indoor environments to gain access to areas which are not accessible by stairs. The most common type of ladder is a rigid ladder, with common types including attic ladder, bridge ladder, extension ladder, fixed ladder, platform ladder, step ladder, platform ladder, sectional ladder, X-deck ladder, turntable ladder, telescoping ladder, and Trestle ladder.

  12. Outdoor Cooking and Picnicware
    - 0 Suppliers 7 Products

    Outdoor cooking and picnicware is used for the purpose of dining and eating outdoors This type of equipment also includes sitting, dining and transport solutions as well as equipment for cooking. It is commonly used when dining outside, during camping trips and picnics.

  13. Outdoor Lighting
    - 1 Supplier 6 Products

    Outdoor lighting, also known as garden lighting or landscape lighting, refers to outdoor illumination found in public landscapes and private gardens. It is used for the purpose of safety, to offer pleasing night aesthetics, security, accessibility, to provide visibility for sports, recreation and social events.

  14. Outdoor Power Tools
    - 0 Suppliers 407 Products

    Outdoor power tools are used in the field of horticulture, gardening and agriculture and also widely used to maintain domestic gardens and outdoors spaces. They include tools to weed, prune, trim hedges, maintain grass and lawns, manage trees, manage soil and earth, and maintain patios, paths and pavements.

  15. Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs
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    Pools, spas and hot tubs are water storage solutions that can hold and heat water for relaxation, pleasure or in the field of hydrotherapy. Types of pools, spas and hot tubs include Jacuzzis, portable vinyl-liner hot tubs, roto-moulded hot tubs, wooden hot tubs, inflatable PVC hot tubs, stainless steel hot tubs, and endless pools.

  16. Pots and Plant Care Equipment
    - 4 Suppliers 157 Products

    Plants and flowers require equipment for effective growing, particularly containers which can contain soil and moisture. Pots are also commonly called flower pots or plant pots, while plant care equipment includes everything for watering, pruning and generally taking care of indoor and outdoor plants and flowers.

  17. Wheelbarrows
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    Wheelbarrows are a type of outdoor equipment that are designed to hold loads and can be pushed by one person. Thanks to their design, which includes two wheels at the back and one at the front, they are easy to push along uneven ground in fields, gardens and construction sites.

  18. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.