Wholesale Leisure Equipment

Wholesale leisure equipment is a range of products which are available to the leisure industry at wholesale prices. This includes equipment and apparels which is used in sports, entertainment, wellbeing, fitness and relaxation. Wholesale leisure equipment includes slippers, dressing gowns, towels, weights, exercise bikes, kettlebells, running machines, rowing machines, tennis balls, golf clubs, footballs, badminton rackets, tennis rackets, snooker tables, pool accessories, cricket bats, and yoga mats, Leisure equipment involves a range of products which are commonly available in leisure centres, spas, holiday resorts, hotels, bed and breakfasts, swimming pools, swimming clubs, sports clubs, gyms and a wide range of other recreational institutes.

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  1. Board Games and Puzzles
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    Board games and puzzles are commonly used domestically for recreation purposes but are also widely available in entertainment and learning environments including schools, nurseries, preschools, sports clubs, bars, and restaurants. ‘Life size’ board games, particularly Jenga and Chess, are also commonly used at events for the fun novelty value they provide.

  2. Bouncy Castles and Inflatables
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    Common types of bouncy castes and inflatables includes character bouncy castles, assault courses, and summon suits, slides, giant games, pole jousts, gladiator duels, bungee runs and giant slides. They are used by children and adults at children’s birthday parties, school fetes, BBQ’s, corporate events, team building events, fund raising events, holiday camps and weddings.

  3. Dart Boards, Pool Tables and Accessories
    - 1 Supplier 10 Products

    Dart boards, pool tables and accessories are equipment commonly used to play darts, pool and snooker for the purpose of recreation or sport. Common types of dart boards, pool tables and accessories include bristle dartboards, electric dart boards, coiled paper dartboards, wooden dartboards, cork dart boards, magnetic dartboards, billiard tables, snooker tables, snooker balls, snooker cues, pool cues, and cue chalk.

  4. Educational and Pre-School Toys
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    It is widely recognised that children learn through playing, which is why educational and pre-school toys are so imperative to child learning and development spaces. These toys types of toys are commonly found in homes that have children, as well as day-care and educational institutes like crèches, nurseries, pre-schools, playschools and schools.

  5. Gaming Machines
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    Gaming machines are types of gambling machines which rely on the user inserting money and taking on a challenge (or gamble) with the possibility or winning more. They are also commonly known as slot machines, fruit machines, a puggy, the slots, poker machines, pokies, or slot.

  6. Jukeboxes
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    Jukeboxes are automated music-playing devices that can play the user’s selected song from a pre-defined list. Traditional jukeboxes are coin-operated music playing devices that are operated by entering a specific combination, whereas modern juke boxes include apps and digital versions.

  7. Karaoke Machines
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    A karaoke machine offers interactive entertainment through video and audio which enables amateur singers to sing along with recorded music, or a music video, using a microphone. They work via a music playing system, a monitor and a microphone.

  8. Mobile Discos
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    Mobile discos are owned by mobile disc jockeys (also known as DJs or mobile DJS). They consistent of portable video systems, sound and lighting and play music for an audience. Mobile discos are commonly used at events and parties including birthday parties, weddings, graduations, wedding anniversaries, reunions, cooperate events and many other occasions that require live music.

  9. Photobooths
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    Photobooths are also used to create passport photos which cohere to the regulations in each country. They are also used to create novelty photos through amination, and GIFs. Photobooths are also used at events and parties, where they can be hired with novelty costumes and an attendant to help operate and stick photos into a guest book.

  10. Rodeo Animals and Surf Simulators
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    Rodeo animals and surf stimulator are novelty machines used at events for recreation purposes. They are commonly used to provide novelty fun during events like weddings, reunions, parties and birthdays. They are powered through electricity or can be powered by a generator when outside.

  11. Smoke, Bubble and Snow Machines
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    Smoke, bubble and snow machines are machines which are used to automatically blow smoke, bubbles and snow during events. Bubbles are commonly used for children’s events, whereas smoke is common at discos and snow can be used to automatically create winter conditions. Smoke, bubble and snow machines are available in a range of sizes from industrial to smaller units available for home use.

  12. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.