Baselayer and Thermals

Base layer and thermals are an important part of winter clothing and are used extensively by all workers for protection against cold. Base layer and thermals are used by workers of all sorts and can be used at workplace or home alike. Base layer and thermals are normally made up of specially layered material. Layers within a base layer garment are designed to trap air within them and the trap layer serves as thermal insulation. Base layers and thermals are extensively used in cold climates and several outdoor and sports clothing manufacturers produce layered garments. Base layer and thermals are normally made up of wool, silk, polyester, polyethylene, microfibre and cotton.

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  1. Thermal Gloves
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    Thermal gloves are designed to protect hands from extreme cold and are available in a wide variety. Thermal gloves can vary greatly and the type of glove needed is closely related to the cold hazards present in a workplace.

  2. Thermal Long Johns
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    Thermal long johns are designed to keep one warm and comfortable and protect the lower part of body waist down until knees. Most are made up of highly advanced synthetics such as polyester and often a combination of polyester and cotton is used to achieve best possible cold resistance.

  3. Thermal Vests
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    Thermal vests are used for keeping the upper part of body warm in cold climate. Thermal vests can be half sleeved or full sleeved and come in several sizes. Most are made up of a combination of polyester and cotton.

  4. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.