High Visibility Workwear

High visibility workwear or Hi-Vis as they are popularly known refers to several items considered part of personal protective equipment or PPE, which have reflexive properties and are easily separable from the background due to their colours. These were invented in the UK during the 1960s and yellow waistcoats worn by emergency services personnel are the most common example of high visibility workwear. High visibility workwear comes in several types as there are Hi Vis Coats, Hi-Vis Overalls, Hi-Vis T-shirts, Hi-Vis vests, Hi-Vis Trousers, Hi-Vis caps, Hi-Vis jackets, Hi-Vis Helmets used by workers in a variety of industries such as construction, mining, railways, airports and highways.

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  1. Hi Vis Coats
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    Hi Vis coats as the name suggests are coats designed for protecting the upper portion of human body and are made up of high visibility material. These coats are designed to be durable and provide protection from wind, water, fire etc. Most also have full front heavy duty zip fasteners which allows one to seal inner clothing completely from outside surroundings.

  2. Hi Vis Overalls
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    Hi Vis overalls are a piece of protective clothing used for protecting whole body from various work hazards. Hi Vis overalls are among the most widely used pieces of high visibility workwear and are used in numerous sectors and industries.

  3. Hi Vis Overtrousers
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    Hi Vis overtrousers are an important part of personal protective clothing and provide workers protection from water, chemicals, flame, cold etc. Hi Vis overtrousers normally come in yellow and orange colours and may or may not have waterproof seams depending on the intended use.

  4. Hi Vis Sweatshirts
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    Hi Vis sweatshirts are commonly used by workers across a wide range of industries and workplaces. These come in several colours and are made up of variety of materials such as polyester, cotton or a combination of both. Although, 100% polyester made sweatshirts are most commonly used.

  5. Hi Vis T-Shirts
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    Hi Vis t-shirts are often used as alternatives to Hi Vis vests or waistcoats due to their superior features and due to their t-shirt based design can also be used for non-work use. Most are made up of 100% polyester and come in yellow, red and orange colours.

  6. Hi Vis Trousers
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    Hi Vis trousers are specialized trousers made up of high visibility material. Mainly polyester, cotton or polycotton is used in Hi Vis trousers. Hi Vis trousers come in several colours and often contain several front and back pockets for storing rulers, tools, mobile phone etc.

  7. Hi Vis Vests
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    Hi Vis vests are sleeveless waistcoats used by fire wardens, visitors, security and first aid employees. Most high visibility vests are made up of 100% high quality polyester and can be easily washed in a machine. These vests unlike other high visibility workwear often have multiple pockets and use Velcro fastening.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.