Jackets and Coats

Jackets and coats are an omnipresent feature of most workplaces. Both these items are especially visible during winter as these are the preferred choice of masses for protection against the cold. But in some industries, one can see workers wearing jackets and coats around the year. Workwear jackets and coats come in several types and bodywarmers, Canvas Jackets, Chainsaw and Forestry Jackets, Flame Retardant Jackets and Coats, Fleeces, Soft Shell Jackets, Waterproof Jackets are the most common ones used across all sort of workplaces, farms, industrial plants etc. Jackets and coats protect workers from cold, heat and many other workplace hazards which can have serious health consequences for one’s health.

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  1. Bodywarmers
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    Bodywarmers protect human body and upper torso from cold weather and are used in almost all indoor and outdoor workplaces during winter. Most bodywarmers come with a full front zip and some also use Velcro fasteners, several inner and outer pockets are a common feature of all bodywarmers.

  2. Canvas Jackets
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    Canvas jackets use several canvassing layers between the inner and outer lining of jacket and are thus named as canvas jackets after this canvas. Canvas jackets are designed to be worn during severe cold and can withstand extreme temperatures. Canvas within a canvas jacket also acts as a barrier for wind.

  3. Chainsaw and Forestry Jackets
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    Chainsaw and forestry jackets are made up of special ballistic nylon or Kevlar layered fibres and a worker is often required by law to wear them before operating a chainsaw. These jackets reduce the speed of cutting and jam the saw before it hits the flesh of a chainsaw operator. Chainsaw and Forestry jackets are considered an important element in forestry personal protective equipment.

  4. Chefs Whites
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    Chefs' whites or uniforms are incredibly hard wearing and designed to protect both the wearer and. Consisting of a toque blanche (hat), apron and thick, cotton double-breasted jacket, advancements in fabric technology mean that chef whites can also be made in lighter fabrics and an assortment of colours and patterns.

  5. Flame Retardant Jackets and Coats
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    Flame retardant jackets and coats as the name suggests are designed to resist flames and can withdraw extremely high temperatures. These are commonly used in welding, firefighting and other industries where workers may get exposed to flames or extreme heat.

  6. Fleeces
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    Fleece jackets are designed for causal use in mild winter climates and are extensively used during autumn when temperate is a little bit warmer as compared to winter. Most fleece jackets are made up of Polar fleece, a type of polyester synthetic wool which is also the reason for the naming of such jackets.

  7. Soft Shell Jackets
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    Soft shell jackets are ideal for use in mild cold and are preferred choice of many for outdoor activities such as jogging, walking or aerobics. Most softshell jackets also use durable water resistance coating which makes them water resistant and showerproof. Although they don’t offer much protection against severe weather.

  8. Waterproof Jackets
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    Waterproof jackets are used in all sort of workplaces and are an essential part of modern workwear. Waterproof jackets can mainly be divided into two parts, namely showerproof and full waterproof jackets. The main difference lies in the coating and material used which imparts quite different level of water resistance to both jackets.

  9. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.